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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Rumored Nintendo Direct "leak" for November 13th



I am EXCITE! 1 5.56%
I am DOUBTFUL! 4 22.22%
More real than Tom Brady's skills 2 11.11%
FAKE NEWS! 3 16.67%
Brietbart and MSNBC should have a baby 0 0%
I don't care! 3 16.67%
The PS5 STILL LOOKS UGLY! 2 11.11%
I wish xbox got some attention... 1 5.56%
Apple - LOVE ME! 0 0%


Leak highlights:

- Crash Bandicoot is final fighter for Smash Ultimate (in the initial pass)

- More Smash Mii costumes

- Minecraft DLC for Smash Ultimate

- Fighter Pass 2 announced (first character Rya Hayabusa supposedly)

- Pokemon starter's final evolutions shown.

- New legendary Pokemon shown

- Animal Crossing New Horizon News: Every character is coming back (Everyone's here!). Amiibo cards will allow you to convince those characters to stay. You can expand your house AND the town. Upgrading town allows up to 24 villagers to live there.

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Seems lackluster. I would like to see a new announcement.

A Direct before Christmas makes sense, but I doubt any of the supposed leaks are true.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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Minecraft as a Mii costume and assist trophies amirite???
Don't know about this obsession for such bland character, yeah I know Minecraft is a huge and successful game but there are way more interesting and famous video game characters for the fighter roster. The Minecraft's art style is way off putting to be a fighter.

Hope Crash is true, but Rya... Who? (Nvm, realized now it was a typo for Ryu from ninja gaiden) anyway my point stands. Put Scorpion and Sub zero way better option than this

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We reap what we sow

This is BS for 3 main reasons...

1) Final evolution starters for pokemon? Have you seen how tight lip they are for the game. You think they are gonna show the final evos a whole month less than the mid evos which we still havent gotten yet? Hell we dont even have rapidash lol.

2) too much smash details for my liking. Especially season 2 first character

3) Direct is far out and they have it dated. I can see a pokemon direct a week or 2 before the games release though

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Not buying it.
Anything Pokemon related would get its own Direct, especially this close to release and Smash DLC and Animal Crossing are not enough content to justify a Direct. I know they may fill in the rest of the time with new announcements and reveals for 2020 and beyond. But, right in the middle of the holiday season? When they'll want all of their attention on Sword/Shield? I doubt it.
At best, I think we'll get the usual big reveal at the Game Awards, where we'll get the 5th DLC released after the show, along with the reveal of the 1st fighter of DLC Pack 2. Then, the next Direct will be in January.

I don't know. Crash in Smash would be cool, but Sony couldn't seem to get him in their fighting game or on the PS Classic, so what chance does Nintendo have?

KLXVER said:
I don't know. Crash in Smash would be cool, but Sony couldn't seem to get him in their fighting game or on the PS Classic, so what chance does Nintendo have?

Sony got Raiden, Nintendo got Snake.
Sony didn't get any Final Fantasy character, Nintendo got THE Final Fantasy character.
Sony didn't get any Street Fighter characters, Nintendo get Ryu and Ken.
Nintendo got Banjo & Kazooie from Microsoft, one of their competitors.

Nintendo's chances are pretty damn strong. At this point, I say it's not a matter of if, but when.

I mean ... no ? Directs have been more content heavy on news lately which this leads me to believe that we're facing a guy with his weird illusions transcripted on doubtful site, there's not enough in this leak to thing this would be worthy a whole Direct.

Also, Crash in Smash .... we ain't talking about Banjo Kazooie case here where it was made originally with the N64 in mind, it's a freaking Sony mascot !

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Also like how he shamelessly sources his discord instead of linking directly to the 4chan post, and how he calls it a leak when there's no evidence meaning it's a rumor. Anywho, nah calling fake. 4chan can have real leaks as we've seen with Let's Go, but that had tangible evidence and other people backing it up. There's nothing but the word of an anonymous poster here.

I expect the next general direct to be in December at the earliest as there's no game launching then for once.