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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Scariest Video Game Music?

Zero/Fatal Frame/Project Zero - Encounter to Himoro Mansion

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Silence is the scariest music of all.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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Hiku said:

Are you serious? XD

Anyway, here are some more that are ACTUALLY scary.

Paper Mario TTYD Creepy Steeple

Sonic Adventure 2 Supporting Me

Mega Man X7 Soul Asylum

Kirby Canvas Curse The World of Drawcia

Clock Tower Don't Cry, Jennifer

Hirokazu "Hip" Tanaka was the composer of the Metroid tracks I posted earlier in the thread. He also composed music for Earthbound, and similarly, utilized bits of silence, sound effects, and low tones to make things more spooky. He's one of the geniuses of the video game industry that is not acknowledged enough for his brilliance (usually people go for the RPG composers like Uematsu, Sakimoto, and Mitsuda - and if it is Nintendo, they talk about Koji Kondo), though his influence on other video game composers can be heard extensively. Personally speaking, I think Metroid and Earthbound are his best works, although he has some more famous ones like Tetris. Hip Tanaka is IMO the king of spooky music.

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CaptainExplosion said:
Hiku said:

Are you serious? XD

That theme has terrified me for decades.

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oooooh, fatal frame was a good shout. I really dig the fanatics tower music from final fantasy 6. That was a pretty unnerving section of the game. Scariest probably has to go to silent hill 2 pyramid head encounters. It's just a clatter if of rhythmic industrial noises. It takes a scary situation and topples on this aural onslaught daring you to think straight. Really re-enforces your fight or flight response.

Resident Evil 2 police station theme scared me back in the day.

Well, since people already mentioned what I was going to post, I'll think of something else...

...Oh, right, Temple of Cuatal from Grand Chase.