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Which is the best movie of the Brosnan era?

GoldenEye 6 54.55%
Tomorrow Never Dies 2 18.18%
The World is Not Enough 2 18.18%
Die Another Day 1 9.09%

So I just saw Quantum of Solace. Finally managed to catch up.

Quantum of Solace is a somewhat polarizing movie for me. On the one hand, it has very strong acting from Craig as Bond, as an agent who is just barely holding it in before crashing down. We also see his smarts, the theatre scene is one of the few times we actually see him as a bloody spy, discovering a good chunk of the villains' plot and identifying many of the players in the enemy organization. I like the fact they are continuing Bond's struggle with loss, both with him mourning Vesper's death and by just talking to Carmille. M takes a much more active role in this movie, which is great, because Judi Dench is a great actress and pulls off the character flawlessly, though why the hell does she doubt Bond's loyalty after the traitor's reveal from the beginning of the movie is anyone's guess (if he was a traitor, then he wouldn't have stopped the traitor from killing her). The side characters around Bond are a general positive for the movie, considering how much they develop this spy world. However, the movie has a decent amount of negatives as well. The most obvious being the editing during fight scenes. For some reason, they decide to keep changing shots almost every second during intense action scenes, which I get in theory, but the execution meant that there are no shot that lasts more than 5 seconds during a fight scene, which doesn't make the scene more intense, it just makes it dizzying and disorienting. Also, Bond's actions are directly responsible for the death of those around him, and he is fortunately called out on this. Seriously, remember Mathis? How Bond decided to accuse him of treason and have him tortured? It turned out he was clean, and he managed to retire with a small fortune. Bond asks him for help, and what does he get for it? He gets shot and killed, because BOND USED HIM AS A BODYSHIELD! What the hell? The other female agent M sends to bring back Bond? Seduced by Bond and killed horribly. This is not just collateral, Bond is directly responsible of their deaths. The villains are also very hit or miss. On the one hand, yes, having people everywhere and not being able to trust anyone is pretty crepy, but the actual villains are morons with little threat or presence to them. The main villain is just a generic business man that folds immediately once he sees everything crumbling around him (but for some reason puts up a fight against Bond?), the main henchman does absolutely nothing in the whole movie, and their villainous plan is just to control the water reserves of Bolivia, which I thought it would be a plan on a worldwide scale, but it apparently wasn't. The reveal of Vesper's original boyfriend was an enemy agent al along was a much tense confrontation than the whole final battle.

Overall, this was a decent continuation of Battle Royale, but it doesn't reach its same standards. 6/10

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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I watched Casino Royale last night, which will get an 8 from me.

A really enjoyable flick, although perhaps a little on the long side. Craig is OK as Bond - character wise he lacks the charm of his predecessors (although I guess this is the point), but has the physical presence to really sell the action scenes. The fights are really well choreographed, and the prolonged chase scene to the embassy near the beginning is great. The supporting cast is really strong, with Eva Green and Mads Mikkelsen really making a mark, and Judi Dench continuing to deliver as M. The middle third in the casino is where this film really excels. I remember seeing this in the cinema and finding it absolutely exhilarating. Superb stuff.

Shout out to David Arnold for the music (as well as Chris Cornell for helping to write and singing the magnificent theme), as well as Daniel Kleinman for the opening credits.

The only real criticism is it feels a bit derivative of the likes of the Bourne franchise, although it's such a good film that it's easy to ignore.

Quantum of Solace scores a 6.

A decent enough watch, but ultimately forgettable in the context of the Bond canon. I understand there was a lot of issues in production, so that it turned out relatively good is something. There's some nice stunts, sequences and locations, but you've come to expect that at this point. I do love the opera scene - it looks fantastic. I have to wonder how Bond and Camille survive that fall from the plane. Even in the Bond universe, that seems absurd.

Can't think of much more to say really... except that the theme song is awful. Just diabolically bad.

Casino Royale has also been my favourite. Coincidentally they're showing the Craig movies on tv here, which means (because I physically have all the other ones) that I could've participated in this from the beginning. If only I knew.

S.Peelman said:
Casino Royale has also been my favourite. Coincidentally they're showing the Craig movies on tv here, which means (because I physically have all the other ones) that I could've participated in this from the beginning. If only I knew.

More than welcome to join in, even if its only for a few films. The delay for latest film means theres plenty of time to catch up!

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I did a double feature last weekend.

Casino Royale:

This one starts great, with film noir sensibilities and dutch angles. While the first third is a little overlong and heavy on action scenes, the second third in the casino and the final third--the love story--make this the first great Bond movie since 1969, according to my scores. The slow burn action at the hold 'em table and the sparkling chemistry between Craig and Green elevate a rather conventional spy caper. The supporting cast is great, particularly Giancarlo Giannini as a weathered intelligence agent.

The only other con, apart from a drawn-out first act? Some egregious product placement.


Quantum of Solace:

I've always liked the idea of QoS: a coda of sorts to a previous Bond movie. And it starts strong, with a visceral car chase and an acrobatic airborne fight scene. Once in Haiti the wheels start to come off a bit. The villain's a bit bland and the supporting case doesn't leave much of an impression. There's also an unbelievable plane/parachute sequence that seems at odds with a mostly grounded, realistic movie. Still, Craig maintains his steely sexiness, Dench is a treasure (her rant comparing QUANTUM to florists is hilarious), and there is some good practical action.


Also: scores updated to this poin!