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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Video game parodies/MV's

When I was a kid growing up, I'd always admired video game and movie trailers. I always loved how they either synced up the music or sometimes even lip synced media to lyrics from a certain song. It wasn't until I was in my early 20's that I decided to take a crack at making my own music videos and parodies, some of which were very short, or of full length (mostly song dependant). 

I never thought much of them really. I always made them out of pure interest or something to mess around with out of boredom, or trying to get a laugh from a friend or two. 

Years passed and I lost interest in making them, as well as not having the right level of inspiration to make them anymore (kind of like an art block, but one that lasted years). Today though, some of that block was lifted, when a friend on an artist's discord channel (one I commission/support), linked me their WoW MK parody clip. I found it amusing, but then I saw, no, felt that it needed something more to it. The clip ended so quickly and I felt like I wanted to add to it myself, so I threw the idea their way and in return, they said "go for it". 

It was thanks to their persuasion, that I decided "you know what?, I'm going to make it work", and I went about making my own spoof clip, only I went with MK II Annihilation's theme, instead of MK I, so I could add to it in my own way. I added a custom made WoW intro logo (made by another user) to the recent WoW CGI cinematic and my friend was impressed by it that they subbed to me, which in turn gave me hope, and further inspiration to get back into making MV's and parodies once more.

So I wanted to ask, do any of you have any clips of your own to share?. It doesn't have to be any of your own, it could be your friend's, or even ones you like/find funny.

Here's their take on the parody:

My own take:

In the past, I've made parodies ranging from Evangelion to Resident Evil and WoW, but those remain forever locked to my old Youtube channel, though I am now inspired to go back and remake my old WoW MV this year.