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Sorry to start yet another TLOU2 thread, but I can't stop being excited about this game! I was just watching a series of interviews with one of the game's directors, Neil Druckmann, when I ran across this one discussing the narrative backdrop, premise, and world a bit:

I'm not unfamiliar with trauma. It tells you something about the sincerity of a developer when you can legitimately feel both its presence and escalation in a fictional character without even really knowing the key plot device that triggers much of it. I mean there are way too many games that do little to flesh out character relationships before tearing them apart and the resultant sense of loss is superficial in those cases; you don't really feel it. I feel this and I don't even know the specifics of what happened! What we can see of the character development and acting quality already really looks like the best in video games, period, I'm sorry. This is the real deal.

Okay, I know I'm sounding like simply a franchise fan here, but I seriously can't help it. February 21st can't get here soon enough. I have to know...just everything! Everything that's going on here!

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There is no too many TLoU2 threads.
The hype is real, there is no stopping this train now.

John2290 said:
I on the other hand can not get excited at all. It looks bland and a copy paste of so many other survival stories. I hope the gameplay holds up at least.

Looks like the first game to me with some changes here and there which is exactly what I expected. Can't wait for this one.