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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - What's the single best game Nintendo has ever created?

Of all the video games Nintendo have made over the decades, which do you think is their very finest, and can you explain why this is your pick and why it deserves it above all others?

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*system overload*

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d21lewis said:
*system overload*

Haha I know right, I tried to do a poll for this but I found it impossible to narrow it down to just 9 options.

Bet with Liquidlaser: I say PS5 and Xbox Series will sell more than 56 million combined by the end of 2023.

If i can choose only one :


Gameplay : Exploration, game world, the game show you how to play in a very smart way ( the space station in the beguining make use of the combat and the basic jumping options)

The creatures in the planet ZEBES (Ashola and Etecoons)show you advanced moves (wall jumps and hyper jump)

The exploration is natural and the upgrades and new tools of Samus make want to try then in the diferent places you already explore.

Controls are excelent.

Sound: Fantastic sound effects and one of the best and more ambiental music in any game.

The intro audio "The last metroid is in captivity, the galaxy is at peace.." it lets you know that you are facing something great.

Grafics: Samus Animations, Creatures and world are terrific.

Sorry for my bad english.

Super Metroid is one of my top ten games of all times.

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Mario 3: 2d platforming perfection, no 2d game has been able to surpass it,the only flaw it had was the no save option but Mario all stars fixed that.
Runner up: maybe super Metroid or Mario rpg but that was made by square, I am not sure if nintendo co developed it.

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I'll have to go with my favorite game, which is Super Mario Odyssey. On top of the ton of charm and originality it brought with its mechanics, its world and just being a really amazingly crafted title, it was also a very magical journey, that first playthrough man, every incredible and surprising moment the game keeps piling on you after each kingdom from the start all the way to the credits, is just one hell of a ride.

It hits every right note for me as a long time fan of the plumber.

Breath of the wild(until the sequel releases)

There are honestly so many to pick from, but I have to go with a game from my #1 franchise. For me, gonna have to say BotW for a multitude of reasons. If we are specifically talking about the classics, I would lean towards Majora's Mask.

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I would have said Super Mario 3D World, but now looking at Metacritic, I'm going to have to say Dragon Quest 11 S Definitive Edition. It sucked but then Nintendo remade it and now it's great. Just love my Switch that much.

Ocarina of Time. It is the most perfect game at the time of release that I have ever played. The fact that it remains the Metacritic king sort of reinforces this. Mario 64 is a runner up, people forget but back in 1996 that was as mind-blowing as video games will ever get until some gets VR right.