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Forums - Gaming Discussion - CoD: Modern Warfare Spec Ops Survival Mode Exclusive for 1 Year

During Sony's State of Play video event, a Modern Warfare trailer of the campaign was shown. At the end of the trailer, "Special Ops Survival Mode, Play First on PS4." We now know the exact length of the game mode exclusivity will be for one year on PS4. An Infinity Ward dev has come out and stated, "Survival mode is 1% of the game...There are decisions that are above all of our pay grades that have to be considered." This isn't the first time Activision and Sony have made content exclusive to the PS4. Destiny and Destiny 2 had content that was exclusive to the PS4 for a set duration. There has been some outrage on twitter and other platforms about the current deal. 

Is this practice worse than having map packs exclusive for a week/month?

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Ugh, I wish console makers would stop this practice of buying timed exclusive games and DLC from third parties.

And why on earth do publishers/developers think that they can do this to a part of their customer base and still expect them to support their games?

I dont mind seeing this kind of thing at the beginning of the gen since I know they are trying to push consoles as much as they can but now? There is no point. The gen is almost over.


this literally screws over every single platform including PS4 and ruins the point of cross-play. Activision and Sony can both get fucked, this shit shouldn't fly in multiplatform games. as people on reddit pointed out, now PC/XB1 users have to pay the same amount of money and not even be getting the full game as everyone else and by the time it does release on them the next COD will already be coming out so it will be pointless.

this was the first COD in ages I was excited to buy and I was gonna try to get it on PS4 but now I don't even wanna bother if it means supporting this shit

I'm still there day one. Don't care for spec ops but this does suck.

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Oh look, timed exclusive content, what a novel concept.

I don't endorse this practice.

Please Watch/Share this video so it gets shown in Hollywood.

The most consumer friendly companies work together again

#4theplayers lol

A shame, I actually enjoyed the beta. The mix of more realistic gameplay and tactical aspects with revives and such (at least in the mode I played) was a great change to the normal meta of CoD. Plus the map list leaked has some great ones on it.

Hard pass from me now though, same as Destiny 2. Idc about timed content, I still played CoD last gen on PS3 even though 360 had 30 day access to map packs. A year is just moronic though.

Great for PS players, I don't care any shit about COD tho