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Forums - NSFW Discussion - Your Preferred Porn Site?

Does anyone recommend or have a particular porn site they'd frequent?  Or is there a popular site you'd recommend avoiding?  I've been having problems with one in particular and is wanting to finding another "home" to go to.  Does it have to be just one site?  Preferably just to keep things simple.  I'll probably reveal which site I'm having problems with eventually, but I'll keep it under wraps for now to help minimize bias.  If this is something you'd like to discuss and prefer discreetness, please message me instead.  Coolness.

EDIT: And to clear up something, I prefer to not use a search engine and just go with a web site so I can view, share and manage content from a central point.

UPDATE: The reason why I'm asking is because my account was unjustly placed on a "spammer list" which seriously limits communication options with other users. I've been using this most recent account for the past 8 months and been providing plenty of content.  But when your comments don't show up, your recent post and uploads do not show up in the community section, other users are not receiving your private messages, and your username doesn't even show up during a search, we have an issue here.  Support claims that:

It looks as if your account has been moved to Pornhub’s “spammer list”. You must be careful with what you write as comments. For example: “add me”, and sending comments multiple times will put you on the spam list.

Due to the high volume of messages, the flag cannot be removed.

Yes, it was Pornhub.  And no, the above said actions do NOT apply to me.  So either my account was hacked, someone impersonated as me with a similar username while constantly linking back to my account page through comment sections, or the site has some faulty algorithm that classified providing the site with 1,799 pieces of content (that was NOT a typo) in the form of videos counts as spamming.  A real big coolness in all of this was making some cool contacts.  Now, making new contacts and trying to keep up with the ones I've made has been handicapped.  I've made my argument with support based on my account's actions that I know of so far, but no response from support as of late.  So forget those guys.  

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Tagging, in case I want to jump in later.

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COKTOE said:
Tagging, in case I want to jump in later.

Oh, there is no "in case" with you.

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Been using that site for like 10 years.

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I also really like

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