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Hey guys and gals,

My buddy @Doc755 are doing another rewatch, to get ready for Bond #25. It would be awesome to get the VGChartz community in on the fun.

I'm planning on creating a thread (like I did with the Marvel rewatch) where we can track our progress, post our weekly scores, and break down each week's film–but only if there's interest!

Take a look at the proposed schedule below. We built in a few breaks to give folks a breather and a chance to catch up. We plan to start in two weeks.

Movie Weekend Viewing Window
Dr. No October 5-6
From Russia With Love October 12-13
Goldfinger October 19-20
Thunderball October 26-27
You Only Live Twice November 2-3
On Her Majesty's Secret Service November 9-10
Diamonds Are Forever November 16-17
*BREAK* November 23-24
Live and Let Die November 30-December 1
The Man With The Golden Gun December 7-8
The Spy Who Loved Me December 14-15
Moonraker December 21-22
For Your Eyes Only December 28-29
Octopussy January 4-5
A View to a Kill January 11-12
*BREAK* January 18-19
The Living Daylights January 25-26
License to Kill February 1-2
GoldenEye February 8-9
Tomorrow Never Dies February 15-16
The World is Not Enough February 22-23
Die Another Day February 29-March 1
*BREAK* March 7-8
Casino Royale March 14-15
Quantum of Solace March 21-22
Skyfall March 28-29
Spectre April 4-5
No Time to Die April 11-12

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Never heard of these break titles.

Probably like the newer bonds more even though some classic old bond films.  Some old bond films are stupid though.  Villain puts Bond into some contraption then somehow able to escape and save day.  It's like why don't the villains just kill his ass.  Do they really need to have him stay alive to watch their stupid plan unfold.

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We’re back! Looking forward to the discussions as we work through the Bond official canon and prepare for No Time to Die. All the girls. All the gadgets. All the supervillains. All the quips! Nobody does it better.

For vgchartz historians, Amp316 did this years ago.

Was fun, y'all should join.

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Rewatched some very early Bond title, and he's as tactful as the Super Seducer game...
But it's fun to watch

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Bumping this to see if there’s any interest :)

I'm in baby. My bro has all these movies.

I'll go down as a maybe. Love the Bond films.

I have seen them all. Big Bond fan here.

Please Watch/Share this video so it gets shown in Hollywood.

I'm in but count me out during most of the Moore era. Those movies are straight up painful to watch for me.