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Forums - Gaming Discussion - There is hope for Stadia, it seems

Accordign to IGN, it is selling out.

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So this is out? Anyone on this site try it out?

KLAMarine said:
So this is out? Anyone on this site try it out?

It's not out till November.

If google has run out of internet it must be dire.

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So they've sold out of black controllers? There's no such thing as that without artificially limiting the supply. It's all PR bs, and IGN either fell for it or took a paycheck to put out that video.

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a limited edition selling out is not really a sign of anything. Still not holding my breath for it to be a super success out of the gate.

well I'm sold on the service now that a limited edition controller has sold out.

In other news the SNES controller for the Switch has sold out on the US site so I expect next weeks Switch sales to be in the 8 figure region.

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People want to be first to get something I guess. I wonder how the Atari VCS is doing.