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Forums - PC Discussion - Finally joined the PC Master Race

Finally joined the PC Master race after many futile attempts to game on an underpowered i7 840m laptop.  Just bought and built my PC with plans to upgrade my GPU here shortly.

Gigabyte Z170x mobo with mod bios

I7-8700k CPU

Noctua nh-d15s CPU cooler

32gb G.skill trident z 3200mhz ddr4 cl15

Gtx 1080 ti (EVGA ftw3 rtx 2080 ti to be purchased soon)

Corsair HX1000w psu

Nxzt 700 case

So much better experience running all these pretty games at Max/Ultra settings for once.. loving it.

Future Upgrade Plans:

EVGA RTX 2080 ti FTW3 definitely on radar

I9-9900k??  Depends..

Z390 mobo?  Depends..

Wide gsync monitor?  Depends..

Pcvr?  Eventually..

Anyways.. looking for some good PC horror exclusives that'll take advantage of my hardware.. Been playing Blair witch, visage, and some borderlands.


Man.. I hate it when your girl has to leave my place to come back to you..

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I will buy a new graphic card later this year, may as well change my motherboard and CPU in the near future. I'm tired of playing current gen games on lowest settings.

Awesome specs!!! Not really much reason to upgrade a lot of those components tbh lol except for the 2080 ti! Can get some sweet Ray Tracing! Metro: Exodus and Resident Evil 2 Remake look AMAZING!!!!

Yea.. I was in the same boat.  Either super low settings to make it run or couldn't play at all.  Decided to build myself after looking around and finding prebuilts too expensive for both over and underpowered components.  

Man.. I hate it when your girl has to leave my place to come back to you..

Yea, hoping once I get the 2080ti I'd be able to compare against the 1080ti.  Been playing some of it, and honestly.. don't know how much better it'll look with RT cus it already looks awesome.

Man.. I hate it when your girl has to leave my place to come back to you..

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congratz, that's a great rig you got there

the 2080ti ofcourse is a fantastic card that will give you a good performance boost, but personally I think I would wait the 6-9 months for the RTX 3000 series, as that one marks Nvidias move to the 7nm node and hence is anticipated to be another great jump

obviously that's up to you and in the PC space there always is some better hardware just around the corner

gosh I hate that expression so very much.

I joined *expression redacted by super_etecoon* this year too. Still building my PC bit by bit, need to get a SSD, hard drive and case before it's complete, but either way, it's really cool having a PC that can get shit done.



I cringe every time I see anyone refer to it as "the master race".