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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Daymare: 1998

Completely flew under my radar, but Daymare: 1998 has finally released. 

The game is meant to act as a spiritual take on Resident Evil 2, and from what I originally saw, it looked like it held promise. Watching a few streams as of this thread post, and I can say that it actually looks promising still. I'm going to purchase it in a few minutes, seeing as how the price is right, as well as performance looking decent, as well as the game's environment nailing that Resi survival horror vibes.

Bear in mind, this game is made by one person, aided by the likes of a few, and is classified as an indie game. I should also mention that the game already comes with a 10% off discount, as well as providing you a free demo tryout of the game. 

Last edited by Chazore - on 17 September 2019