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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Favourite system startup sequence


I choose...

Gamecube 30 38.46%
Original Xbox 3 3.85%
PS1 20 25.64%
PS2 9 11.54%
Sega Saturn 3 3.85%
Neo Geo 0 0%
Dreamcast 4 5.13%
Other 9 11.54%

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My first PC, a 286. Still remember all the sounds it did (from checking the memory, the CPU, the GPU, the drives and the extension cards) and the sequence they played. Wish I had it recorded at the time, because it was very iconic.

Another blast from the past: My most hated boot sequence is from our old 56k modem. God, were those things annoyingly noisy.

Atari 2600.

There was none. Flick the switch > game. Done.

I always loved the startup sequence of the original Xbox with the reactor firing up, it was so badass

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Gamecube>GBA>Switch>DS>Everything else

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PS2 instantly comes to mind. It's the startup sound that's so iconic, it wins on that alone.

I think I'll go with PS2, although Gamecube seems pretty cool too.

The PS2 Disc Read Error.

The PS1, probably because it was my first. I thought it was a cool little touch back whenever I decided to boot up FFVII. The Xbox and Dreamcast ones were pretty cool, too.

I'm also partial to the Windows 95 & 98 startup sounds. I know it's not a console, but I still really liked those mellow tunes.

This one because it reminds me of nights in my room, playing F-Zero or Oracle of Ages with glorious SNES+ graphics: