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FF7/FF7R vs P5/P5R

Final Fantasy 7, Final Fantasy 7 Remake 19 54.29%
Final Fantasy 7, Persona 5 Royal 2 5.71%
Persona 5, Persona 5 Royal 4 11.43%
Persona 5, Final Fantasy 7 Remake 6 17.14%
Neither, they both are overrated 3 8.57%
Other 1 2.86%

So I know this is a dumb comparison, because these games are very different from each other even if they are technically part of the same genre, but to give some unnecessary context: A Youtuber on a podcast was ranting about how people appreciate Final Fantasy 7 only because of what it did for JRPGs, and that "most" people don't consider Final Fantasy 7 to be the best JRPG ever. He then added that Persona 5 was a better game.

Anyways, while I don't think that debate is very interesting or even productive (it's basically impossible to know ... especially if you include a large fanbase like Pokemon in the totals), it did make me curious. We have a lot of Persona fans on this site, and a lot of Final Fantasy fans on this site! And Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Persona 5 Royal are both big JRPG releases coming early next year.  

So ....

Question 1: Which game do you prefer? Final Fantasy 7 or Persona 5?

Question 2: Which game are you more excited for? Final Fantasy 7 Remake or Persona 5 Royal?

The poll is set up so that the answers are combinations of answers to Question 1, Question 2 in that order. 

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1. I prefer Persona 5 over FF7, but it is important to note that I didn't play ff7 in its time, so I can't appreciate it properly.

2.I am probably more excited for P5R, only cause I'll get to play it and be done with it, while FF7R will leave me waiting for part 2. These two are both my most antipcated games for the year though. Both will be amazing

1- FF7
2- FFR

I got burnt out by the end of P5 and still didn't finish it. I don't even know if I'll get the Royal edition. FFVII on the other hand is my most anticipated game. I have two copies pre-ordered already xD

1. Final Fantasy VII
2. Neither

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Long Answer:

I absolutely loved Persona 5, took me a pretty long time to finish at 140 hours, but I loved every moment of it, I'd consider it one of my favourite games of this gen, and one of the best RPGs this gen too, it's the first Persona game I played where I didn't get bored and give up within <10 hours (I own P3P and P4G too) before trying again multiple times and STILL giving up. It instantly hooked me, getting better and better as it went along, the story, music, battle system and cast were all brilliant, something I'm excited to see how they expand with P5R, and I've got it preordered, although fuck knows when I'll have enough time to play it!

As for Final Fantasy VII, it's not really in my, say, top five games of the series, but then again my rankings are all fucked up since the tenth game could be just as good as fourth place, a lot of games tying for fourth place after my top three of X, IX and IV... it's hard to place this one specifically too, but either way I haven't played it for a looooong time, and even at that I never finished it back then since my brother somehow accidentally broke the third disc, so I never actually finished it until it became a PSOne Classic on PS3/PSP/Vita, and that time around the game didn't really feel as great as I remembered it back in the day, but that's most likely because it was YEARS later and the game just felt outdated in a lot of places, something IX didn't. That being said, my hype levels for the remake are pretty much through the roof, especially with what we've seen from TGS, and hopefully we'll get to see more before release too, but all signs point to me absolutely adoring the shit out of it.

... So I guess that's a tie, right? No!

Okay, of Persona 5 and Final Fantasy VII; I'd say I enjoyed Persona 5 more given my circumstances with FFVII, I never got to finish it originally and waited YEARS to do so, and by that point the game was just so outdated on so many levels that it interfered with my experience...

Now, Persona 5 Royal or Final Fantasy VII Remake? Hands down Final Fantasy VII Remake. Do I have it preordered? Nope, because I'm still holding out hope for a next gen port and I'll be able to own all parts on the same console, lol. BUT I'm so much more excited simply because there's so much more they can do and add to the game, and the trailers so far have shown some of what I mean, it's not just an enhanced version of the original game, it's basically using the original game as a blueprint to make something much, MUCH bigger, the fact that it's spanning multiple games, the first of which is confirmed to be on multiple discs, shows the scope of it, at least to me anyway. They're expanding on things people probably never even thought about back in the day, Jesse, Biggs and Wedge having a bigger role in the story for example. And the fact that we get to explore the entire city of Midgar rather than just a few sections, means there's room to tell us stories regarding the rest of the city... just stuff like that really gets me excited and is the reason this answer is a no brainer for me.

TL;DR Persona 5/Final Fantasy VII Remake

I concur with FF7 and looking forward to neither. I am certainly no fan of Persona and find SMT not to be enjoyable as a franchise; not my thing.
Similarly, I am a huge fan of FF7, recently playing through the entirety of it along with the extras, BUT I am deeply concerned with some of the changes of FF7 Remake. The game looks more advanced graphical, but cheaper gameplay-wise. I also worry that some of the characters won't be recognizable when compared to their original versions. I sincerely hope I'm wrong, but at this time my interest in the game is next to nothing; Square has a poor history of remakes really only doing FF4 well in the past very much screwing up FF1, 3, 6, Secret of Mana, Mystic Quest* and Chrono Trigger.
The * is because their first GBA remake "Sword of Mana" was utter garbage, but the recent mobile remake "Adventure of Mana" was fantastic. Their remasters have largely been great though, FF7 and 8 remaster are quite good!

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Bristow9091 said:

TL;DR Persona 5/Final Fantasy VII Remake

Yeah I imagine that's how a lot of people feel in general, considering 7 Remake is essentially a completely new game as opposed to Royal. Still, felt like it would be a somewhat interesting question : ) 

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SMT Nocturne/ Neither (so I'll just go with SMT V)

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The P5 menu design, while cool looking, is frankly quite annoying to look at/ navigate.

Ff7r i anticipate more, but im not 100% on the day 1 train yet