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Forums - Sony Discussion - Analysis and personal thoughts on Death Stranding TGS Day 1 footage

With the reveal of Death Stranding gameplay in TGS 2019, we got to know more about the secret Kojima game in a whole 49 minutes footage commented by creator Kojima himself. Some people, I believe most of people might still find it confusing and have literally few clue after watching the video, maybe it's just like Kojima said, he's just going to show a small part of basic play of the game, so we are actually not expected to know much about it, being still confused and excited about the game, I tried to find as much details and things to make sense as possible by watching through the footage 3 times, here I wanna share my discovery with you about Death Stranding so far. I don't speak Japanese really, but I do know some of Japanese characters, so I don't understand every single word from Kojima's comment but still tried to dig things up from the information in the video.

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First, we can see the UI of delivery terminal is pretty familiar to those having played MGS series, showing Sam’s health(red bar) and stamina(below the red bar), also the damage status of his foot(foot icon), also with the bar for BB(yellow bar).

The mission list showing the requirements(the amount of packages) and the map info about the route. And the UI reminds me of iDroid in MGSV. And in the map, we can see the areas circled by yellow line, indicating where BTs located(my guess).

The equipment list, we can see the four categories: delivering tool, in which we have ladders, blood bag, construction tools and medicine.

Also there is tour equipment like boots, as we can see in the downside of the menu, there is raw material like crystal, resin, metal, chemical material and so on, which I think is consumed to make the equipment.(maybe there is technology like 3D print) although it is not shown, we can clearly see the option of weapons and vehicles, so don’t worry about combat and driving experience.

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The making of equipment.