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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo's New Fit Game (Ring Fit Adventure™)


Interest Level?

Getting at launch! 9 24.32%
Might pick it up eventually 11 29.73%
Leaning towards no 3 8.11%
Not a chance! 13 35.14%
Other 1 2.70%

And it looks better than I assumed it would? An adventure type with RPG elements? I've gone from not wanting it at all to being really intrigued.

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This doesn't seem like something that would appeal to the same people as Wii Fit. It looks a lot more niche. More interesting to gamers but less interesting to others.

I love the idea. Too bad it doesn't support co-op play. This would be awesome to play with a friendo or your couple...

Neat application of novel ideas. Nintendo being Nintendo.

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Looks much more interesting than Wii Fit. I could totally see a few more games coming out for this.

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Can't help but wonder why my characters hair is on fire but this looks pretty fun and cringeworthy at the same time. I'll probably buy it but never tell anyone that I have it. 😂

Very interesting.

Did they announce the price? I think I missed it. If they didn't announce the price it's likely because it's gonna be expensive.

Fitness adventure games can certainly combat the monotonous nature of exercising, the very thing that prevents lots of people from doing any. This is a good-looking product.

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I exercise almost every day but I'm not sure this one appeals to me yet. I guess I'm not convinced that it's going to be a good *RPG* yet. What I'm seeing are fairly shallow RPG mechanics, and maybe that's fine for those that are more looking for something to get them off the couch. To put it differently, if they were to remove the exercise controls from this game and make it playable with a controller, would this game still be fun?

Now Switch is going successfully after the gamers and the casuals.

Seriously, i would be surprised if they wouldn't bring it as a pack-in title, if not at release then later down the road.