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Forums - Sony Discussion - Final Fantasy VII new TGS trailer

SE has started a countdown for the new trailer, it's only hours away now. For those of you who can't wait an extra minute to watch it, I've provided a link to the countdown :)

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New trailer up!

Looks really cool. Never imagined Cornelio to speak that way but damn does Aerith look so hot on that dress haha

I'd certainly buy a PS4(5) just for this game.

My bet with The_Liquid_Laser: I think the Switch won't surpass the PS2 as the best selling system of all time. If it does, I'll play a game of a list that The_Liquid_Laser will provide, I will have to play it for 50 hours or complete it, whatever comes first. 

Tifa is such an absurd character design, she looks like a stripper as opposed to a martial arts expert. Graphically the game is incredible. I'm still on the fence with the whole episode thing. I'm curious how many episodes, time between releases and if saved data carries over. Overall still keeping my eye on this one.


I hope the new solider characters stay antagonists

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Best game of all time, confirmed.

Can the whole game just be Jesse and Cloud on a bike please?

Look at all this craziness.

And for people who don't know how a sports bra works saying "Tifa's boobs are small":

"We are going to build a plate, and have the slums pay for it!"

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Toad Cloud still has the Buster Sword on his back.

This looks soooo good. I hope it lives up to my expectations

Looking really good! We got to see a lot more in the story this time around. We got Don Corneo but not cross-dressed Cloud yet (although I'd love to see it only when I play the game).

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It's getting better and better every time. Can't wait to see Trap Cloud. lmao