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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Second favourite of the "big 3"


Cast your vote!

Nintendo fan, Sony are my #2 27 34.62%
Nintendo fan, Xbox are my #2 16 20.51%
Sony fan, Nintendo are my #2 25 32.05%
Sony fan, Xbox are my #2 4 5.13%
Xbox fan, Nintendo are my #2 5 6.41%
Xbox fan, Sony are my #2 1 1.28%

List your company of choice, then cast your vote as to who is your second favourite out of Ninty, Sony, and MS. In other words, if your favourite where to drop out of the running for whatever reason, who would be your next go-to?

For example:

"Sony fan, I choose Xbox."


"Nintendo fan, I vote Sony."

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Microsoft fan, i choose Nintendo

Nintendo fan, Sony is my number 2. Had you asked me this before the Switch however, they would be flipped.

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Nintendo fan at heart - MS second. Although I've actually played Xbox 360/One quite a bit more than Nintendo stuff in the last decade plus. I still prefer Nintendo's IPs and overall style of games, and appreciate that they're a gaming company first and foremost.


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While Nintendo makes my favorite games (Mario Odyssey is probably my GOTG), I probably spend most of my time on Xbox. Sony makes some good first-party games, too, but I never cared for their hardware (esp. the controller; the DualShock 4 may be improved a lot from previous iterations, but it's still my least favorite controller).


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Nintendo fan and I'd probably back up Microsoft on this one just because of the X360.

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Sony fan. Simply because franchise/game wise they are way ahead of the competition. Theres just too much variety in their quality games. Nintendo being a strong no. 2 because while Ive learned to keep my hopes in check with them, every now and then they release something like BOTW. And im pretty much liking Astral Chain so far. The Switch is really the best console they've had since the SNES.

I do not care one bit for Microsoft and most of their franchises.

Sony fan, I'd go Nintendo. I think I can only name 5 games on the xbox across two generations I'm interested in. Pretty sure the switch is releasing more than that just this year.

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Nintendo fan. Sony 2nd.

Nintendo fan, currently my #2 would be Microsoft.