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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Any word on what the launch titles for Gen 9 will be (PS and XB)

I'd ask 'Switch 2', but frankly that seems a bit too far ahead. 

Launch titles can make or break a system can they not (hello Breath of the Wild!), and I certainly like to think that Sony and Microsoft would know that. I suppose the obvious first guesses are LoU2 and Halo, but perhaps that isn't truely the case.

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This is a joke post right?

Xbox will probably have Halo, Forza, and maybe NT 2nd game.
Playstation will probably have Ghost of Tsushima and some unannounced games.
There will be BC and lots of third parties too.

You didn't hear it from me but:

NBA 2K21
Madden NFL 21
Call of Duty

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Microsoft: Halo and Forza.
Sony: Beats me.

Both: A shit ton of 3rd parties including Call of Duty 2020, FIFA 21, a new Assassin's Creed; Backwards compatibility.

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Lots of cross gen games and somewhat mediocre 1st party games that seem awesome until they release titles that are teased upon console announcement.

Well, I think we might get BoTW 3 to end up the trilogy they're obviously building with this new era of Zelda right now ! Also, we'll get Xenoblade Chronicles 3 or X2 right out of the gate :O

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I'm more interested in the launch games for PC2.

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Ghosts of Tsushima and the next Assassin's Creed most likely, and all the other yearly titles

Xbox 2: Exclusive 8k 120fps remake of Final Fantasy 2 and 5, bundled together

PlayStation 5: Duke Nukem Forever And Ever (sequel) made exclusively. 1080p and 20fps due to poor optimization.

Switch 2: New game based on Donkey Kong 64 multiplayer. Just the multiplayer. They do this instead of Splatoon 3. And yes, there will be passable walls.