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Forums - Gaming Discussion - My first Final Fantasy experience!

I'm playing through X on the Switch. I think I'm almost done... I'm in the Zanarkand ruins right now. The track "A Fleeting Dream" just really hits me for some reason. So powerful. I've enjoyed the story so far, the characters (Auron is pretty darn awesome), the soundtrack. Not flawless game, but a phenomenal experience. I am really excited to start other titles in the series, but I worry they won't be as good. 

Just thought I'd leave this post. I freaking love this game and am grateful that it is on the Switch, otherwise, I would have never played it.


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Always good to hear that more people are enjoying one of the greatest games ever made

But tell me, what do you think of Blitzball?

The others may not be as good, but they're still pretty awesome. Personally I'd recommened playing 9 next.

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Actually, I recommend IV, VI and VII before IX. The latter has some very mild callbacks since the game was a love letter to the first eight games of the series. It's a bit more fun when you recognize them.

Buy VIII next off the eshop. It’s great.

Final Fantasy series is pretty hit or miss. In general, the gameplay isn't really exceptional, so it more depends on what stories resonate with you, which kind of varies from person to person. Out of the ones I played I loved X and VII, somewhat disliked VIII, couldn't get into XV, liked XII but got bored partway through, and found 13 to be a chore.

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My first Final Fantasy was FF IV on SNES. And it's still my favorite.

I also like FF VII and FF IX. They are probably dated, though...

UltimateGamer1982 said:
Buy VIII next off the eshop. It’s great.

VIII remaster is very different to the original i played on the ps1. For some reason its harder to move around and harder to time squalls limit break. And the backgrounds look worse. Maybe wait for a sale. I regret buying it for $20

Brace yourselves before clicking on this video:

The track that always gets me is To Zanarkand

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Nintendo is selling their IPs to Microsoft and this is true because:

My first FF experience was VI on SNES, which was originally released as FFIII since it was the third FF game localized for the US.

My favorites are VII, XII, IX, and Tactics.

Never too late, although some titles don't hold up aswell as others. FFVII for example hasn't aged well, even with the remaster. if you liked 10 then I'd imagine you would like others.