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I beat Spyro 1 on the PS1 when I was 10 years old, and never had any problems with the gliding, but in the remake, Spyro constantly fails to make the distance. I try pressing glide at the top of the jump like you're supposed to, but he seems to drop down significantly as he enters the glide animation, and I've found myself failing a dozen times to cross gaps I never had any trouble with in the original. It just feels borked.

Anyone find this too?

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I can't say I had any issues with the gliding in the remake. Seemed to work just as it did in the originals for me.

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He does seem to drop down a bit when you start gliding in the remake. However I didn't have any problems completing the game.

Fully completed all the Spyro games of the trilogy. Gliding works very well in all of them.
Sure he drops a bit but the platforms are designed that you can still land the jump. There are only very few jumps where you need absolute precision, most of them are rather generous. Overall the games are very easy.

Maybe you start your jump from the wrong platform? I remember a few parts where you had to progress through the level a little further to find a vantage point to jump from.

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Are you making sure to run before you jump? Some jump also require you to jump at specific points in the game. Anyway, gliding seems to work the same way it did in the originals. At least going off my memory.

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It's odd, because I am fairly sure gliding was made easier in the remakes. A normally tough glide is now easy.

Platinumed the game really easily, without any previous PSX experience.

Only one glide gave me big troubles... the supercharged glide to the (optional) secret area in Tree Tops (0:35 - 0:42):

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That damned U-turn!

Conina said:

Only one glide gave me big troubles... the supercharged glide to the (optional) secret area in Tree Tops (0:35 - 0:42):

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ugh yeah don't remind me. Lost countless lives on that level, especially that jump.

I find it easier actually :/