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Xenoblade HD or lazy straight port?

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I almost jumped off my bed when I saw both Tokyo Mirage Sessions: #FE and Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition. Holy shit, I cannot believe I'm so excited for a Wii and a Wii U game. But I am. One has more content I'm thrilled to play and the other looks gorgeus.

And Town's soundtrack will be composed by Toby Motherfucking Fox. I need to play that game just for the music xD

These announcements alone made my day ^^

Chrkeller said:
Xenoblade HD or lazy straight port?

Character models was greatly improved

Nothing to see here, move along

so glad i get to play upgraded versions of tokyo mirage sessions and xenoblade, games i missed first time round but always wanted to play. Deadly Premonition 2 is a very nice surprise after all these years, hopefully they can match the first game's weirdness while losing some of the jankiness. the original director might not be involved in this now that i have looked elsewhere - would severely dampen my hype if true

luigi's mansion 3 - the multiplayer stuff doesn't really do anything for me, but the single player should be great. pokemon is pokemon, the new little additions don't do much for me - the curry cooking especially i thought was weird, i was waiting for them to mention it had some kind of effect on pokemon training, but you just cook it for cookings sake i guess. still, can't wait to play it, some of the new designs are pretty decent.

overall, great direct, the library of this system is starting to look amazing.

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I thought that was pretty decent, but obviously not up there with the last 3 Directs. Feels like Nintendo are keeping their powder dry (announcements wise) for the Game Awards and then a January or February Direct.

Return of Obra Dinn, Doom 64, more DLC fighters for Smash all nice little surprises. 2019 was already packed for me, so it's nice to have a few more bits and pieces like that, the SNES games etc to round the year out. Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition and Tokyo Mirage Sessions Encore have gone on my 2020 list - I played the former on Wii, but never played the latter.

Makes me think 2020 is going to be another strong year. Right now only three Nintendo titles confirmed for 2020 - two of them are out in quarter one and the third is a remaster. Be fun to find out what else is planned come early next year, but in the mean-time, there's a lot to enjoy. And that's before we get into the inevitable updates for Mario Maker 2 and the expansion pass for Fire Emblem, plus the dozens of other indies coming to Switch.

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Chrkeller said:
Xenoblade HD or lazy straight port?

The graphics and artstyle are the ones from Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

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Banjo direct

They shotgunned a lot of games out there. However I only found "Little town hero" interesting. Sure I was shocked at Xenoblade, and Overwatch. I'm also not interested.
Super Mario world on the switch will be neat. It only took them a year.

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Chrkeller said:
Xenoblade HD or lazy straight port?

Neither, it's a Definitive Edition. As melbye already mentioned, the character models received a significant improvement.

But more importantly, the final shot of the scenery in the announcement trailer showed a section that was not in the original game, but is reminiscent of the scrapped Bionis area that was discovered in the original game's code and wasn't accessible in the original game nor the 3DS port. So "Definitive Edition" isn't just a fancy title, but very much like Dragon Quest XI S with content that wasn't in any previous version.

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