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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Wreckfest is gud

A throwback to generations of consoles ago when we saw multiple "destruction" type racing games such as Destruction Derby and Demolition Racer. It offers no split screen mode, which sucks, but it has a good career mode for offline play plus you can set up whatever kind of race you want. Plus online play with robust options.

The racing is actually top notch, and the damage on the cars is realistic looking and often hilarious/infuriating. One of the career races has you driving a tiny three wheeled van versus a grid of 23 full length buses. And sure, if you can get out in front, you'll soon start to leave the buses in your dust, but one good whack from a bus and leave your vehicle on the verge of death. And maybe two laps into the six lap event you start to see how shitty buses are as demolition racing vehicles as wrecked and eliminated buses litter the race track.

You can also race on lawn mowers, tractors, and couches. It retails for $40. If you're looking to scratch that DD itch, this did it for me. I've been on the verge of buying a PS Classic so I could open it up and install DD Raw on it but now I don't need to.

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What's it available for?

CaptainExplosion said:

What's it available for?

Right now just PC. Got it for like 20 or so on Steam.  Was big fan of destruction derby back in day and this is like a modern version.  I put 16 hours into already and got enough points in all leagues for check mark off all the leagues however still a few series I haven't completed yet. 

It is coming out on PS4 and Xbox One soon.  I remember seeing article about it a little bit ago on this site.  From pic in op says August 27th so maybe out now for those platforms.

Downloaded this game a few days ago to get my arcade fun racing fix.

I had to get used to the bare bones presentation and long loading times, but the gameplay is what counts and it is excellent. Controls and physics are superb, realistic enough but still really accessible. There are some options to make it more of a simulation racer, including realistic damage which ups the intensity quite a lot. Extremely customizable games, online is decent and the campaign is filled with content. Lots of cars including zany ones, and they all handle differently.

I love this game and it's all I've been playing lately. Split screen would be a dream but impossible with 24 cars and tires, fences and car parts flying around all the time. So much mayhem, highly recommended!

CaptainExplosion said:

What's it available for?

PC, Xbone, PS4

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I just like ramming into people. Let's me get my aggression out in video games so I don't have to do it on road... I guess really shouldn't think about that now since I got a new car lol. Could always take my beat up 05 civic out for some demolition derby!

I will be picking this up shortly, I need my DD fix

It's a very good game, played it on PC a year ago.

Destruction Derby was my shit. My buddy and I would have sleepovers where we would stay up all night playing it on PS1. I wonder how it would hold up today, given that I have not played the game since.

I'm def interesred. Didn't even know about it until the review for it was posted a few days ago.

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