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Forums - Politics Discussion - California: The Democratic Party's Vision for America

I saw this video on youtube that expresses my thoughts exactly. Even though I don't always agree with Tucker or Fox news, this video explains very well how bad California is right now for the middle class.

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I live it daily. The state is literally turning to shit. This is no opinion, it's a fact. It's not exclusive to San Francisco... I live 280 miles north of the shithole, and I see it where I live.

Gavin Newsome created the San Francisco treat that so many seem to love, either out of sheer ignorance, or stupidity. Taxes on top of other taxes...

the state had a "surplus" of cash, and they STILL tacked on more, they(our benevolent lawmakers) admitted that they even knew that no one would like more taxes... but passed more taxes any damn way.

Seriously..... I cant understand for the life of me... San Francisco is the blueprint for the state, and the country. Do you REALLY want to live the way California does? I dont. I will leave eventually, but have family obligations to tend to (elderly parents) before I will consider it.

So, if you want nasty ass drug needles and people shitting on every single corner of the city, and eventually, the entire state, keep voting like you have been, straight party line.

If things were all good, why are so many getting the fuck away from this shithole state?

It must be a good thing for San Francisco to use an app that shows you where people are shitting. That's great, right? Not one thing Newsome has done is good. Not one.

this should be in the Politics forum

Fox News has removed the video, so the main part of this thread is now gone.  

Will be locking this thread in the meantime.