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Forums - Sony Discussion - 6/14 of SIE's WWS only produced 4 games this generation. Should they improve?

Polyphony Digital
- Gran Turismo Sport

Santa Monica Studio
- God of War

Bend Studio
- Days Gone

Media Molecule
- Dreams

Manchester Studio

Visual Arts

Insomniac Games
- Sunset Overdrive, Ratchet & Clank, Song of the Deep, Edge of Nowhere, The Unspoken, Feral Rites, Marvel's Spider-Man, Seedling and Stormland

San Diego Studio
- MLB 14: The Show, MLB 15: The Show, MLB 16: The Show, MLB 17: The Show, MLB 18: The Show, MLB 19: The Show and MLB 20: The Show

Japan Studio
- Knack, The Last Guardian, Gravity Rush 2, Knack 2 and Astro Bot: Rescue Mission

Naughty Dog
- Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy and The Last of Us - Part II

Sucker Punch Productions
- inFamous: Second Son, inFamous: First Light and Ghost of Tsushima

Guerrilla Games
- Killzone: Shadow Fall and Horizon Zero Dawn

London Studio
- SingStar: Ultimate Party, Playstation VR Worlds, SingStar: Celebration and Blood & Truth

- Entwined and Concrete Genie

I might have forgotten a game or two, but it is hardly relevant. Anyway, what do you think - should the top 6 studios do better next generation? 

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Sony bend did good IMO. It was a hard transition from portable to AAA development on the PS4. They did better than RaD for example. They pulled through what's probably the hardest part of their transition. The game is good, and it sold well. Hopefully well enough.

SSM should do better next gen. Obviously their cancelled new IP hurt their output this gen and what they were supposed to do.

PD should do better next gen.

We dont know what Manchester studio is doing. So no comment there

Who are visual arts?

Media molecule IMO is a mess. They wasted a gen.

LordLichtenstein said:

Polyphony Digital
- Gran Turismo Sport

Santa Monica Studio
- God of War

Bend Studio
- Days Gone

Media Molecule
- Dreams

Generally speaking I think all the studios have slowed down considerably. It's now really only about one or two big titles over the course of a generation per studio. The budgets are higher, it takes longer, but at the moment they're selling a lot more.

A few other things to consider is the overlap of generations with some studio releases, PD with GT6 releasing so late on PS3 etc. Is the title they released a new IP? (In the case of GOW it essentailly is.) Did they expand?

Looking at the studios you mentioned:

PD is notioriously slow, and seems to be getting slower. I think Sony leaves them to their own devices because the GT games print money.

Santa Monica Studios has collaborated on six different games besides GOW during the PS4 cycle. After one team got axed near the start of the gen (sci-fi Destiny clone?) I think the studio went back to a one game team.

Bend- Massively expanded to release a PS4 title. Was making portable games.

Media Molecule- Yes. Way too long. 6 years has passed since Tearaway. 


Those studies that have not released a game most likely have operated in a support capacity. Either developing tools, providing code support, art support, etc...

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Lol I read that as saying that 6 of their studios made 4 games in a single gen and I was like "Wtf, I'm counting 4".

Anyways, I think it's pretty obvious that Sony needs to produce more games and at a faster rate. That's a big reason they've acquired Insomniac, which up till now only contributed with 2 games.

I also think it's worth mentioning that Guerilla Games, Santa Monica, and Naughty Dog will only keep expanding and probably provide more games. I sort of expect Naughty Dog to keep it to 2/3 games next gen, but with Santa Monica they'll have GOW5 take much less time than 4, and also a 2nd team. And Guerilla Games is already looking into making something besides Horizon I think.

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The only team I have an issue with is polyphony digital. Sony has to get that studio in line. 7 years and all w got was GT sport. And be rest assured GT7 won't come before 2024 if we are lucky.

All the other studios can be excused, they were either transitioning from mobile to console development, helping in other side project or at least released something else (eg MM also released tearaway).

I love GT to bits, ut their output is ridiculously poor. No reason there can be 7 forza games to the one GT game.

Others should do better. Microsoft should do better. EA should do better. Valve should do better. PC gaming should do better. VGC should do better.

Sony doesnt need to do better.

Hunting Season is done...

Media Molecule are very "creative" but.... that takes way to long imo.
Go over there, smack their arses and tell them their makeing a "LittleBigPlanet" game next, and it has to be damn good platforming.

Polyphony Digital, needs the same treatment, this next game better not be a online focused (and driven) GT game.
It better be early into the gen, and if they finish quick, get them to make a small AA sized Cart Racer on the side.

Japan studio needs the funds to do a big AAA jrpg.
Plus give them the task of makeing a Astro Bot 2, it was such high quality that you cant just let it die.
Then make a non-VR version of the first game (if its possibly to turn something VR -> normal)

Eh, I think it depends on a game-by-game basis. I'll always prefer developers being given as much time as needed, but I can understand it getting to a point where the publisher has to ask why it's taking so long. Dreams was first shown at the reveal of the PS4 back in 2013 and is just barely in early access, but the game is fantastic and seems like a huge undertaking to begin with so if all that time guarantees a quality product in the end then i'm fine with it. If it came out and was like a dumpster fire after all that time though then that wouldn't be good. Plus Media Molecule did do Tearaway in 2013.

Polyphony released GT6 on the PS3 back in December 2013, so technically they did release another game at the start of this gen, it just wasn't on the PS4. :P But yeah, almost 4 years for one game looks slower in comparison to others like Forza where during that time they managed to get like 4-5 Forza games out with consistent quality (some 90+ on metacritic), but people also need to remember there are 2 teams that can work together on those for Microsoft compared to the one at Polyphony Digital. 

As others pointed out Sony Bend had to transition from being a mostly portable developer for the past few years back to console, so I think they deserve some slack there with how long it took.

I also have no idea what Visual Arts is, hadn't even heard of them until this.

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Zoombael said:
Others should do better. Microsoft should do better. EA should do better. Valve should do better. PC gaming should do better. VGC should do better.

Sony doesnt need to do better.

errrrrr.... ok?

think you're missing the point of the thread.