Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Officially-licensed Overwatch themed carrying case listed for Switch (Overwatch for Switch leak?)

Overwatch isn’t on Switch – at least not right now. But with a new product listing on Amazon, fans are starting to hope that a release is on the horizon.

A new Overwatch Switch case popped up on Amazon today. The accessory, which is made by PowerA, has been licensed officially by Nintendo and Blizzard.

Listing has since been taken down

Can't wait to play Overwatch on my Switch!!! Took them long enough to finally port it.

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Gotta wonder if that means a Direct might be close

Nothing to see here, move along

If true, it's about damn time.

Overwatch was always a no-brainer for Switch conversion, it should've arrived back when the likes of Rocket League and Paladins did.

I would find it odd that a Blizzard/Nintendo-licensed product for Overwatch would release and without Overwatch, the game itself, ever coming to Switch.

melbye said:
Gotta wonder if that means a Direct might be close

Pretty much guaranteed to happen in the first two weeks of September. Between this, the new SKUs added to GameStop databases plus Doug Bowser attending the Gamestop Manager's Conference, and the filing for SNES controllers for the Switch all pointing to some new announcements being imminent. I've seen other rumours, like a double-pack of Assassin's Creed 4 and Rogue coming, and even a new Nintendo title for December, that could also fit into a Direct. But I'm very confident we're getting a general Direct in the first half of September.

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It was expected, but Overwatch is over the hill at this point. It should have been there close to launch of the NS.

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Very obvious that a direct is coming. All the signs are there.

Yeah a Direct is clearly imminent, there's usually one in September, and stuff like this and the boatload of mystery Switch SKUs added to Gamestop's system are further smoke. 

I just hope they have something more interesting than Overwatch lined up for it, I don't care for multiplayer games.

My blizzard account was hacked months ago and now the account doesn't exist anymore. Only games I owned on it were Diablo 3 and Overwatch. I beat/played them both a ton. Still bummed out by it but I couldn't convince myself to buy them again

If Overwatch, which I miss a lot, runs well and especially if they have some Nintendo exclusive skins, I'll buy this for sure.

Paladins got to me first, Blizzard. You'll have to play second fiddle.

Still, what's the hold up?