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Forums - Gaming Discussion - No Man's Sky, the comeback of the generation? NMS v2.0 reviews

So I have been looking at some of the reviews for the expansion, the impressions seem to be overly positive. It only piqued my interest because of the VR mode, but I was surprised by how much the game has changed. 

This is Polygon's take:

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Good to know it improved a lot.

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Having just upgraded my PC, I did take advantage of the sale and bought the game. Looking forward to playing it, but I will wait a little longer before doing so, as there is one other particular game I'm very invested in right now - I'm quite content to wait on No Man's Sky, because I heard the new patch has some Bethesda-level glitches, so I do hope those are fixed soon.

Think it's on sale on steam. Might check it out

sethnintendo said:
Think it's on sale on steam. Might check it out

It was on sale a few days ago, I think it's back to normal price now.

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I have a physical copy of the original game, but have never tried it. Been wanting to since summer 2017, but it looks like waiting may have been for the best. If get my PS4 Pro unhooked, moved, and rehooked up at my new place, I might just start this tonight. What I'm really curious about is how all these updates have effected the trophies/achievements/ and steam...bits?

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I'm very curious about it. Played on release and really enjoyed at that point, even got my Platinum trophy. Unfortunately I'm playing way too many games now to give it a second shot.

They turned it around for sure but I wouldn't call it the comeback of a generation. That tittle goes to Rainbow Six Seige.

I'm loving it so much again I bought the digital version so we can play together. The VR mode is great, the whole game feels fresh and new again. I played the original for 80 hours, I'm easily going to double that this time.

It changed a lot. I booted up my old save and my ship, exosuit and multi-tool were half filled with obsolete tech, new things popped up, new blueprints, missions. That platinum trophy doesn't mean much anymore lol. I continued with a new save instead and so far I've just been exploring one planet while adding to my base. I like all the changes so far, especially the much better stacking of materials and transforming materials in the refiner.

The game didn't need a comeback as it was great already, hence the 80 hours play time. This feels more like a sequel, no problem buying it again :) I still have the original disc, which can sit pretty on the shelf. One digital copy is enough to play on the primary and another ps4 in co-op. Pretty nice you can join each other's save if you need some materials that are abundant on the other's planet.

I mean... I enjoyed the original, too, but I'd hardly call it "great". It was a flawed game and people were right to call it out for not featuring many of the things promised pre-release. I wasn't too hyped at the time, which is why I didn't bother with that and just enjoyed the base experience, but it was flawed for sure.

Looking much better now. By the way, does anyone play it on GOG?