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Bang there it is boys!.

I think it was las week sales thread where i said i wanted to see PS4 back on top, and as i said at the beggining of this coment... there it is :D

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Tridrakious said: 
DonFerrari said:

Not sure if first entry of the IP on PS4 (besides the Telltale game) because sequels hardly push sales up.

Well I would expect less than 20% bump.

I'm wondering what (if any) bump the PS4 might get from BL3. It'll definitely be a huge release.

Don't hold your breath

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182k to 180k... thats practically a tie.

only777 said:

Probably the last time this can be posted before the release of the PS5...

From here on out, it's all about the Switch.

price cut to $199 with the PS5 announcement

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And the PS4 still manages to be ahead of everyone else at this point it its life cycle? Color me impressed o_O

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what the.... I go away for one week and the PS4 sneaking back up to take the number 1 spot! Great stuff from the Sony machine though, super chuffed it done so well.

Also those X1 numbers now seem to be slipping more frequently below the 40k mark, it's gonna be a rather done brand by the time neXtBox rolls around.

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