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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Sega reveals 8-bit mode event for Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 (Update : Story mode, mini-games + map revealed !)

We first saw at glimpse of it at the end of the first reveal trailer during E3, thinking it was probably just a nod to represent Mario/Sonic's root but it seems Sega is doing the whole thing with multiple events to be playable in a pleasant 8-bit aesthetic reminescent of Tokyo 1964.

Also, like you can hear during in some parts, there's an actual announcer while playing !

Probable that we haven't seen everything yet (Story/Adventure mode ?) and we'll get more info during the next Direct !

Trailer :

Here's the showcase at Gamescon :

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Looks awesome! Mario & Sonic Olympics on the Snes! Hope the rest of the game is better than 2016. This series just got worse with each new entry.

I had absolutely no hype for this game before but suddenly it is now on my radar. I'll still wait for reviews but I might have to pick it up

That's cute.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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This is actually really cool.

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love the 2d aesthetics, never been a fan of olympic games. played the wii version and it was awful

That's really cool, it's like a long lost NES game.


Am I the only one who loves that they even did a digitized voice for the 2D announcer? ^^

Nice. They should add in Mario 3 models, as well.

We got the overview trailer for the game (Coming in November) ! This confirms the presence of a Story mode, mini-games and dream event that weren't seen before in the demo build.

So far, the game will be chockfull of contents and might be honestly the best game since the Winter games in Vancouver ! Fitting since we're coming to Japan for this one :D

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