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More single ayer games and a resistance 4 ps5 launch game. I need to feel that old ps3 launch majic that was there with resistance 1

...not much time to post anymore, used to be awesome on here really good fond memories from VGchartz...

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Wow Insomniac games worth 5 studios Microsoft purchase recently

PS5 will be another winner and next will be Kojima production , believe it 

Xxain said:
think-man said:

In nearly the last ten years they've developed more 3rd party games then games just for Sony. 

They have had a relationship with SONY that was so close, that all SONY would have to do is just ask them for exclusive stuff. If they wanted to make something exclusive by choice, they would chose PS. So, what is gained from this? 

Now they can focus all their time on PS exclusives, and Sony also acquire Sunset Overdrive and the VR titles they have been working on. 

LudicrousSpeed said:
Nice. Hope they get more creative freedom and don’t turn into a Spider-Man/Ratchet studio.

I hope so, but I doubt it. Spiderman has sold 13m now, Sony absolutely just bought them so that they can churn out Spiderman after Spiderman, with the occasional Ratchet. Would be nice to see Sony take a chance on Sunset 2, but it will never happen. My dream of seeing Sunset 2 is dead now. 

That is a pretty big acquisition.
I expected something smaller, but it makes a lot of sense. And now Insomniac can focus on making the PS4 exclusives even better.

Spider-Man passing 13 mill is great to hear as well.

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Xxain said:
This is not even slightly Interesting. Why buy a studio that by choice, would only develop for your consoles anways?

To back them up with insane budgets and developer support from Sony's pool of 1st party developers so they can make even better games exclusively for their console?

Xxain said:
This is not even slightly Interesting. Why buy a studio that by choice, would only develop for your consoles anways?

Gonna pretend Sunset Overdrive never happened?

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Now give me new Resistance game! ...and keep it campaign coop!!

TIL Spider-Man is in Poke'mon, BotW, Animal Crossing, Mario, sales territory.

Hopefully Sony just lets Insomniac do its own thing. I think they bought them, because they didn't want to lose them. Sunset Overdrive could have been a PS4 game. Now it probably will be.

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Awesome, Insomniac only really works, when they work together with Sony. All their other adventure MS have either failed critically or commercialy. Sony spend their Spider-Man profit pretty well. After loading Quantic Dream and Housemarque Sony was kind a done with second party devs I guess. Next up on the list is probably Remedy. Whilst we can doubt this is good for the industry. Many smaller devs may not survive a new gen otherwise. 

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