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Most Anticipated New Release of September

AI: The Somnium Files 13 1.05%
Borderlands 3 175 14.17%
Code Vein 71 5.75%
Daemon X Machina 111 8.99%
Gears 5 138 11.17%
Greedfall 51 4.13%
Grid 18 1.46%
The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening 510 41.30%
The Surge 2 13 1.05%
Nothing This Month 135 10.93%

This week's front page poll.

Because of the number of high profile brand new releases next month, I've decided not to include any of the annual sports franchises in the poll, and even then I still had to cut a few games out. Apologies if something you wanted to vote for isn't on the list.

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How did I forget that Link's Awakening comes out in September? Wow, that's so awesome. It's been a while since i bought a new game and I think I'm ready. I'm even more excited because I never played the original.

Obviously The Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening. Also buyin Daemon x Machina and the physical edition of Aggelos. And maybe Borderlands will manage to convince me despite that i have decided to hold off on it until later. I also have some interest in Spyro, Dragon Quest and Ni No Kuni but that depends on money

Code Vein, because I won't be playing Link's Awakening for at least quite a while (and I've played the original).
But a friend of mine is getting Code Vein for the both of us, so he has someone to play co-op with, so I'm looking forward to that. It looks fun. Been a while since I played through a souls type game.

Shout out to the other guy who voted GreedFall. :)

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Link's Awakening. Although I might wait a bit to buy that and get Dragon Quest XI S instead. But since DQ 11 isn't in the poll, I say "Link's Awakening".

It was Trails of Cold Steel III until it got delayed, now maybe Code Vein, although I'm not going to get any of the games at launch regardless.

Borderlands 3, though i most likely won't be buying it until Black Friday.

Getting Gear 5 through gamepass. Otherwise, none of these titles make me want to purchase before a discount.

Really pumped for the Surge 2, actually having another run of the first Surge.