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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Are you buying Borderlands 3?


Are you buying Borderlands 3?

Yes 14 29.17%
No 25 52.08%
Maybe 9 18.75%

Is anyone still picking up BL3 after all the latest shenanigans?

As for me, no. Between the Randy Pitchford ordeal and 2K/Take Two sending goons to SupMatto's house, basically stalking and harassing him for 10 hours straight and getting his YouTube channel deleted, I'm all onboard the #BoycottBorderlands3 train. I'm not supporting these scumbags, which is exactly what buying the game new entails. 

Here's an idea: if they or any of these companies don't want their shit getting leaked, then they should impose better security measures.

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I bought BL2 on sale used for PS3, bought BL collection on sale, ended up being free on PS+ or now just £4. Sadly, while popular, BL games seem to drop in price easily, so I'll probably wait til it's a tenner used.

Hmm, pie.

Hell no. I was done with Gearbox for good as of 2012. I take pleasure in their failures. For example, I've made the neutron star-level collapse of Battleborn an annual celebration/mini holiday. All the most recent events surrounding them and their CEO do nothing less than validate the judgement call I made 7 years ago.

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I'll probably rent it.

Yes, eventually. But not day one.

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Probably, there isn't many split screen coop games, so the ones that are get my money.

Yes, but after they release the ultimate/goty/gold/super duper edition with all the dlcs included.

I preordered it since it was available for preorder. Randy and Take 2 are absolute assholes but great games are so rare these days, I don't really have a choice.

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finalrpgfantasy said:
Yes, but after they release the ultimate/goty/gold/super duper edition with all the dlcs included.

This, and also on Steam.

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Nope, never cared about the series.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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