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Where should Samus' adventures take her next?

Big budget Hollywood Film 5 29.41%
Big budget Animated Film 0 0.00%
Netflix/Hulu Movie 0 0.00%
Netflix/Hulu Series 3 17.65%
Netflix/Hulu Animated Movie 0 0.00%
Netflix/Hulu Animated Series 4 23.53%
YouTube Series, Movie, an... 0 0.00%
Broadway Play 1 5.88%
Other (Please Specify) 0 0.00%
No, no, no 4 23.53%
Pavolink said:
Wyrdness said:
Not Metroid specific per say but here are titles for anyone looking to get their Metroidvania fix on Switch in the mean time:

Hollow Knight
Ori and the Blind Forest
Bloodstained:ROTN (Switch version soon to be patched to sort out the issues)
Castlevania Collection
Steam World Dig 1+2
Dead Cells

Upcoming in Jan 2020 Hollow Knight Silk Song will be one to look out for.

Has it been confirmed that Silksong is a Jan 2020 game?

It's currently a targeted date so will likely change.

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At least one person has taken the bait on Ring Fit Samus' Adventure. Show yourself! Let's hear your ideas. I have a few myself, but I'm interested to hear someone else's. And please tell me how loud the groan that would emanate from the internet if such a thing were to be announced.

If Metroid Ring Fit were announced as the replacement for Prime 4, I'm pretty sure fans would burn down all of Nintendo's studios, then light fire to themselves.

If Nintendo were to do something like Ring Fit for Metroid though, I'd rather they combined it with Labo VR, made a strap to hold it to your head, then had one JoyCon on your leg to make Samus run and jump, one on your arm to operate her arm cannon, and you'd turn by turning your head wearing the strapped on headset. Just call it Metroid Fit VR Experience or something, and make it play like a watered down Prime game. But all of this just to get people interested in the idea of VR Metroid.

Then for Gen 9, have a fully integrated VR mode for the next console and have the Switch 2 port of Metroid 4 basically have the entire game playable in VR at a quality equivalent to Playstation VR. I think the Metroid Fit game would sell decently on the Switch to a starved Metroid audience that likes the idea of Metroid VR, and then Prime 4 could be a launch title for the Switch 2 that would do to Metroid what BotW did to Zelda.

Jumpin said:
I picked "Other"

I'd love to see a Metroid open-world RPG taking place across multiple planets, with a lot of cyberpunk style elements. It can maintain all of the deep dives into the underground, but I want something more to the Metroid experience.

My second choice would be a Hollow Knight inspired Metroid game.

Expanding the experience of a franchise is tricky business, though I understand the appeal. Mario has had crazy, wild success expanding into every corner of gaming, while his rival Sonic is a famous example of a fanbase losing their minds over the franchise exploring new experiences. Perhaps Metroid would fair more like Mario than Sonic, but her Nintendo sci-fi brethren, Star Fox, has a pretty poor record on this matter. Given that Metroid Prime Pinball and Federation Force were great games that were rejected by fans, I think the Metroid fanbase would not take to experimentation well, and Metroid would go the path of Star Fox. I'd definitely play your multi-planet cyberpunk RPG Metroid, but I think it would do best if marketed as a clear spin-off not related to the main series or Prime series so that fans would give it a chance.

I think the bottom line with any spin-off is that Metroid needs to stick the landing with the next title, and even the next after that. The franchise is on extremely shaky ground with a few experiments and the next two titles need to either be the tried and true Prime or the tried and true 2D. Anything beyond that will make fans feel like they're not getting what they want. Mario vs Rabbids would have been more dismissed if we hadn't known about Mario Odyssey. Thankfully we know that Nintendo is doing exactly that. They're putting some major financial/time backing on the next title and they know the audience they're shooting for is extremely picky and won't just buy it in droves unless it represents a return to form.

But like others, I'm all for them doing other things with the franchise. I really wouldn't mind a Chozo based game where we get to see them crafting some of the items for Samus. There's just so much in Samus' world that hasn't been investigated, and Idon't mean her relationships with father figures and adopted alien babies either.

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I'm a bigger fan of 2D Metroid, and I've been dying to know what happens after Fusion, so Metroid 5 for me.

BTW, I think Samus Returns needs a Switch port. Releasing that late on the 3DS didn't do it justice.

Ok, folks. I'm going to let this poll run for just a few more days, so if you want your vote to be counted get in here and click the appropriate bubble. New topic incoming in just a few short days. Of course, you're all more than welcome to discuss any Metroid related subjects to your hearts' content as well.

Proxy-Pie said:
I'm a bigger fan of 2D Metroid, and I've been dying to know what happens after Fusion, so Metroid 5 for me.

BTW, I think Samus Returns needs a Switch port. Releasing that late on the 3DS didn't do it justice.

If only...

I'm replaying it on my 3DS with a broken stick and it is a pain.

Thank god the morph ball can be used with the touch screen.

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Which would make you the happiest to play?

Metroid Prime 4 8 36.36%
Metroid Prime Trilogy on Switch 0 0.00%
Super Metroid Remake on Switch 1 4.55%
Metroid Returns on Switch 0 0.00%
Metroid 5 10 45.45%
Metroid Other M Sequel 0 0.00%
Paper Metroid 1 4.55%
Metroid Maker 0 0.00%
Ring Fit Samus' Adventure 1 4.55%
Other (Please specify) 1 4.55%
Total: 22

Well it looks like Nintendo should greenlight Metroid 5 ASAP.  I'd be curious to see how this head to head matchup between a hypothetical 2D sequel and the announced (but still hypothetical) Metroid Prime 4 fares once we've seen first gameplay video of MP4.  We'll put a pin in that for now.

Well, it's time for a new poll.  This time we're going to go down a path that many may cringe to see us discussing: adapting this beloved series into film, tv, or streaming services.

So what do you think?  If it were your choice, where would you like to see Samus unleash her arsenal on the non-videogame entertainment world?  Would you like to see her on the silver screen as a major Hollywood movie or an animated theater release film.  Or maybe she's not quite ready for the big screen yet and should instead be made into a made for TV miniseries?  She could always show up in a Netflix or Hulu movie or even a Netflix/Hulu series.  Or maybe YouTube Red is where she should land.  Oh, I know, I know. What we really need from her is her appearance on the grandest of all stages, Broadway.  I personally can't wait to see the set design, amirite?

Or maybe, just maybe, you're all terrified of the possibility of Samus and the Metroids leaving the safe confines of a Nintendo console and she should just remain camera shy for as long as her IP exists.  What do you think?  Click your answer in the updated poll and feel free to give your opinion on Samus' future on the silver, small, or even smaller screens.  Of course if you're feeling this subject, don't hesisitate to tell us who should play Samus, who should direct such a project, and any other details you'd want to free from the clutches of a Chozo statue.

I've always dreamed of a Metroid movie, there's so much that could be done with it - that said, I don't actually hope it happens, because the chances of them fucking it up are just about guaranteed. It'd have to be one of those movies with minimal dialogue, it'd have to know how to go speech silent for long periods while still keeping the viewer engaged. Going back full circle here, one movie that does that particularly well is Alien, and that's where they should take inspiration from. Alien has plenty of talk, but it stops when shit gets serious, and from then on it only remains engaging because the acting and direction are so damn good.

Basically, I think of it being based on the manga and Metroid 1. Do some backstory work on the opening 40 minutes or so, then show how Samus becomes Samus and set up the upcoming mission in the middle 40 minutes, and then the final third is just pirate-infested Zebes and Samus blasting her way through shit without dialogue. Maybe even add in some elements from Zero Mission at the end or something, and call it a day.