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Forums - General Discussion - How Many Hours Have You Logged on Your Most Played Game?


How Many Hours Have You Logged on Your Most Played Game?

Over 10,000 hours 74 8.97%
5,000 - 9,999 hours 37 4.48%
2,500 - 4,999 hours 68 8.24%
1,000 - 2,499 hours 121 14.67%
500 - 999 hours 165 20.00%
250 - 499 hours 153 18.55%
100 - 249 hours 160 19.39%
50 - 99 hours 33 4.00%
Under 50 Hours 14 1.70%

This week's front page poll - How Many Hours Have You Logged on Your Most Played Game?

If you're not certain just make an educated guess :)

Over 10,000 hours

5,000 - 9,999 hours

2,500 - 4,999 hours

1,000 - 2,499 hours

500 - 999 hours

250 - 499 hours

100 - 249 hours

50 - 99 hours

Under 50 Hours

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Smash Wii U had just over 2,500 hours if I recall correctly, plus another 200 hours on the 3DS version and god knows how many hours on other consoles. So, that.

Time will tell if Ultimate will beat it.

That I know of.... Europa Universalis 4 with 1751 hours.

Pokemon Emerald. 700 hours.

I went with the 1000+ option, which has happened twice. First on Alien Front Online for the Dreamcast. There was no game clock, but my time on it was easily in the 1000 hour range. I passed 1000 hours in Project Gotham Racing 2 for the Xbox. The game clock stopped tabulating at a certain point. I commented in a recent post that it broke at the 999 hours mark, but now remember more clearly that it stopped at around in the 600 hour range. Either way, I was certainly in the 1000+ range.

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Probably 5,000 in Halo 3, but it's not even my favorite video game. It just had a lot of longevity for me and many friends who continued to play it for years. It was extremely addictive, had a well populated community (it still holds the record for most weeks at #1 of any game on xbox live - second place is Halo 2) and I feel it had a ton of variety and things to do. I just want a Halo game to be like Halo 1, 2, 3, or ODST. And preferably better than any of them. Not a fan of Halo's that came after this. Destiny at first captured the Halo feel, but quickly fell off because the power fantasy was replaced with catering to game journalists and not solving core problems that existed at launch and still exist today. Sure Destiny 2 is a more balanced game, but when Destiny 1 released things like Pocket Infinity actually felt futuristic. It only took a month for that gun to get dragged to the ground. By Taken King the game was getting 9s and they also did a major rebalancing just before with subclasses and guns and completely destroyed the game imo. Blink got some really frustrating cool-down. Then Titan skating was discovered which I also did not want patch, but I just imagine a game that could have both. So when Bungie left Halo I was super excited. They would do something big that looked epic and 343i would pick up the slack. Turned out 343i only had three former Bungie developers out of over 100 employees and Bungie would turn to Activision. I hope that someone can look back at the older Halo games without nitpicking them to death for their flaws and realize what things did work and bring them back into a nice package. Maybe one day. I also want Destiny 3 to go back to Destiny's roots and instead look at why people were really disappointed with the original. Sorry the Taken King storyline was not the missing piece of the puzzle.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf at slightly over 600 hours.

I got it less than two weeks after its 2013 release, and played a ton of it. Until about 2016, I don't think I went a week without playing it at least once. The portability was a huge thing. I also didn't have my first job until I already started college, so that gave me more time to play the game. Nothing comes close to New Leaf. Even my other most played games are around 230 hours, and there's only a few of those.

Now will I play New Horizons for more hours? I doubt it. I graduated from college last year. I have internships, part-time jobs etc. to worry about it in addition to everything else. I finally have a PS4, so that will eat some of time.

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Rocket League 3500h and going strong. Just yesterday reached the highest rank :)

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if MMO's count.... Im pretty sure FFXI (FF11) is over 8000+ hours.

I had 350 days played on a character started in Wotlk add in alts and previous main im quite sure i hit the 10k mark

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