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What's your least liked Sony/MS/Ninty consoles, and why do you like them less than their other ones?

EDIT: For clarification, by consoles I mean home consoles.

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Sony - PS3. $600.
Microsoft - 360. Red Ring.
Nintendo - Wii U. Software droughts.

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Nintendo Switch in Japan (Famitsu): 2018 vs. 2019

PlayStation 4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch: 2018 vs. 2019

Nintendo - Wii. Hated that controller. Plus I didn't really care for those games. Actually big fan of the Wii U. It's backwards compatibility basically made it the wii, and much more.

Xbox - XB OG. Never had it. I had the other two so by default it is that. They only had 3, and I had two.

Sony - Sony is a hard one. Super hard one. I guess PS1. PS2 was my DVD player, FF11 and a good pile of games. PS3 was my blu-ray player. Wireless controllers. Let me stream movies/shows from my computer to my TV. Plus Persona and tales.

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PAOerfulone said:
Sony - PS3. $600.
Microsoft - 360. Red Ring.
Nintendo - Wii U. Software droughts.

Same here.

I assume we are including handhelds, so...
Microsoft: Xbox One, because of the severe lack of Japanese games.
Sony: PS Vita, because of the lack of compelling software (and Sony not supporting it after 2 years) that all other Playstation systems have that make them worth owning, and those memory cards.
Nintendo: Wii U, because of the lackluster Virtual Console, 3rd party games, and drought of Nintendo games.

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Nintendo : DS, cuz the 3DS exist and does everything better (+ analog stick)

Xbox : One for the obvious reasons stated troughout this generation.

Sony : PS3, if you've got the OG model that's fine but the rest of the models were meh and withdraw the backward compatibility.

Edit :

Nintendo, I'll go with ... the GameCube, it was just as Smash Melee machina in my own eyes :P

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Sony: PS3, the UI is so slow, ylod, flimsy controllers. (yet still used for blu-rays)
MS: 360, rrod and rrod again, games drought in second half of the gen.
Nintendo: N64, I only really enjoyed oot on it.

If I get the energy, this will be kinda fun. I've explained in the past. In various snippets throughout the years, and may have even laid it all out once or twice too.

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Just for the purposes of clarification, I meant home consoles. OP has been updated to reflect this.

I'm going to be incredibly lazy about this. And include handhelds.

MS - Xbox 360. Personal misery brought about by all manner of failure. Had 22 physical games, another 24 XBLA arcade games, and an active XBL sub when I bailed. Lots was wrong. Hardware, and controllers. The investment, although significant over a mere 11 months, wasn't nearly as large as the one I had in....

PS - Vita. Personal misery brought about by all manner of failure. Can't even summarize. Every day I wake up and dwell on how the Vita has made me a worse person. Then I walk by my cabinet full of Vita games on my way to the kitchen, and think about burning down the condo complex I live in. I tried everything to make things right, and it broke my heart.

Nintendo - GB Advance. That screen. The worst trash ever. I've seen better images as a result of head trauma. Sold it via something called "The Want Ad's" 2 months after I bought it at launch. As I have a conscience, I told the guy who was buying it from me for his son's birthday how much it sucked. He still bought it.

Vita caused the worst pain, then the 360, then in a distant 3rd the GBA.

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