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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Nintendo fans in China protest Genshin Impact announce at ChinaJoy 2019, claiming that it shamelessly copies BOTW

Here is the trailer for the game:

There are strong similarities to BOTW for sure, but considering BOTW borrowed many of it's elements from games that came before it I really don't see the issue. 

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What about the thousands of other Chinese knock-off products? Do they get protesters, too?

Actually, after looking at gameplay, doesn't this just look like many other Japanese action RPGs?

I got bashed by saying that Zelda also copied a lot of mechanics from previous games, which is true. And a lot of what BOTW did simply improves on previous mechanics from other games, which is true. But some of this stuff in this game is shameless in how they got a bit too inspired.

Personally I think it looks much better than BOTW Visually, combat seems a bit more interesting but the physics system, runes, and overall complexity of the game engine aren't there. But it's highly obvious how they were heavily inspired by BOTW, almost to an uncomfortable level. I personally don't care, the more games like BOTW the better and again BOTW didn't invent gliding, swimming, climbing (although the climbing animations look like they just ripped the data from Link's Animations) etc. But it did it well and this game seems to want to take what Zelda did...and not change much. 

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Sounds like a publicity stunt for the game.

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How dare they make a game I need to climb a big enemy to hit the mark on its head?
Damn Shadow of the Colossus ripoff!

Honestly this is laughable, it looks like a lot of other games as well. And it actually looks cool. I'm interested.

And the guy that broke his PS4... lol, good on you, sir.

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Smashing your PS4? What a great way to support Sony! They'd much rather a console be destroyed then end up on the used market!

This game will be on iOS, Android and PC also.

pokoko said:
What about the thousands of other Chinese knock-off products? Do they get protesters, too?

This, China is the KING of knockoffs!

Smashing your PS4?? Yeah, that's not extreme...

You can copy every asset and mechanic of BotW but that won't make your game good by default.

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