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Forums - General Discussion - What Smartphone do you use?


What's your Smartphone Brand?

Apple 16 20.25%
Samsung 18 22.78%
Nokia 3 3.80%
Huawei 5 6.33%
Google 6 7.59%
OnePlus 6 7.59%
Xiaomi 2 2.53%
HTC 0 0%
Another brand 22 27.85%
Still using a good ol' cellphone 1 1.27%

Well, the titles says it all. What Smartphone do you use on a daily basis?

Me, I'm using a Nokia 7 Plus. I hated Nokia Cellphones, but since they became independent from Microsoft again, they make really good phones. Not being full of bloatware like many others (I'm looking at you, Samsung!) and getting swift patches and updates, and that over a long time unlike pretty much any other android Smartphone manufacturer that ain't Google itself are the icing on the cake.

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iPhone SE. Finally getting to the point where i'm gonna need a new one. Waiting for the 10R price to go down a bit more, before i get a new phone.

Have had a lot of Samsung phones, this one has been the most reliable and best quality build thus far

ASUS Zenfone 3, because I'm poor and can't afford the nice expensive brands.

Need something off Play-Asia?

I use a Moto G5 or something

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iPhone 8.

A red one, normal size, I don’t like the big size phones. Actually this one’s already slightly too big but it’s not like I have much of a choice. The size of my previous phone, iPhone 5, was perfect. Before that I had a 4 and before that a 3G.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4x. Bought it almost 3 years ago now for $170 so I'll probably be replacing it within a year, but it's great. I don't know why I'd ever want to go for an expensive phone.

I recently got the moto g7 power. It is probably the best cheap phone I ever got. The battery is bad ass on it and last 2 to 3 days for me since I don't use phone often besides calls, text and some web surfing.

I've tried a lot of different phones. Currently have a Samsung Galaxy S8 which is the best phone I've ever used.

I got a free smartphone about 5 years, something Samsung. Still using it. I personally hate cell phones. I prefer being unavailable versus always in touch with others.