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Forums - Gaming Discussion - When will the first proper next gen reveal happen?


When will the first proper next gen reveal happen?

PSX/XO19 5 18.52%
Few months prior to E3 17 62.96%
During E3 2020. 5 18.52%

Next gen consoles release holiday next year and it's safe to assume that we will hear about them at E3 2020 but we might get a proper reveal before E3. Back in 2013 Sony and MS had their own show a few months prior to E3 to reveal their consoles but this time around Sony has Playstation Experience later this year and Microsoft XO19. Do yall expect next gen to be properly revealed later this year, a pre E3 show, or during an E3 presser?

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A few months before E3, with prices, games, full specs, and release date at E3.

Is PSX confirmed this year?

If so, they will probably reveal something, but I still believe the full reveal to be at E3 2020.

Before E3 2020.

I expect each will reveal a few more details from time to time throughout the rest of this year. Then, major reveals will happen Spring 2020. E3 will give us the dates and prices.

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It started for some on March 3rd 2017, shame you missed it.

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Ganoncrotch said:
It started for some on March 3rd 2017, shame you missed it.

That's what I was gonna thinking. Switch is such an odd duck though. I'm just as comfortable in classifying at current gen tbh.

As for the next Xbox and/or Playstation big reveals? I voted a few months before E3. I think at least one of the 2 will have some type of showcase before E3 2020.

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During E3 or just before it.

They can't announce them too early without killing the interest into the current gen consoles.

I think a few months before E3 2020. They won't be full reveals but enough to get people excited. Maybe some trailers, more detailed specs, the controllers, etc.

E3 will be for the actual consoles, hands on demos, prices, release dates. Exciting year ahead for sure.

3rd December 2019 is the 25th anniversary of the launch of the first playstation. I thought for sure they would have an event this year revealing the ps5 but they've said PSX isn't happening this year. I guess it could still happen. But if not then we'll get it revealed February to April.