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Forums - Sony Discussion - Evidence for exclusive Street Fighter announcement at EVO?

"Capcom has received a one-off royalty payment of two billion yen under the Digital Contents business from a deal for one of its IPs. The information was part of the Japanese version of the financial results. When asked by investors to explain the one-off income, Capcom executives refused to answer the question, citing confidentiality." -

Capcom has received $19m dollars in some confidential deal related to one of it's IP's. While neither the IP in question nor the Company who paid the money has been confirmed with a PlayStation announcement at EVO imminent, could PlayStation be extending it's Street Fighter Console Exclusivity deal? Street Fighter V Ultimate? Street Fighter VI?

Other ideas for what it could be:

New Dead Rising - Dead Rising 3 was exclusive to Xbox One, Dead Rising 4 was a one year timed exclusive to Xbox. A similar deal perhaps?

Monster Hunter Switch - Seems very unlikely, I don't believe Nintendo would pay, nor do I believe they would need to pay for a new Monster Hunter game to come to Switch.

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If moneyhatting when trying to increase your tiny marketshare is really bad, how bad is moneyhatting when you're already firmly at the top?

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vivster said:
If moneyhatting when trying to increase your tiny marketshare is really bad, how bad is moneyhatting when you're already firmly at the top?

Maybe the cartel office has to look closer on this in the future if Sony doesn't stop trying to be the only one on the market 

"stay tuned for more news from PlayStation at EVO!" Well... Evo is over. I haven't heard of any news from PlayStation. Weird. Unless something is coming very shortly the $19m may not be Street Fighter related at all.

Now let's have nightmare inducing thoughts like Google Stadia purchasing an exclusive Resident Evil.

19 million feels like peanuts...

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konnichiwa said:
19 million feels like peanuts...

It depends on the game, and if you're thinking in terms of $60 sales it is peanuts. We don't often get to know the development budgets for titles, and when we do they're usually big games like GTA, Destiny or WatchDogs. But $19m would have covered the entire development cost of Heavy Rain, and Beyond Two Souls was only $27m to develop. Fighting games are probably lower on the cost of production than a lot of other genres. Covering development costs before the game is even released is a very enticing offer, as even if the game completely flops they're not in big financial trouble.

$19m could definitely be enough for an "Ultimate" edition of Street Fighter V.

It'd also be more than enough to secure at least timed exclusivity for a title such as Dead Rising 5.

19 mil is for dmc5 on gamepass, not an exclusive sf.

I have thought it may be DmC2 licensed out to Ninja Theory because they have stated they would like to make a sequel.

Well let's see what comes of it

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