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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Best character this generation

What video game character this generation do you think is the best realized, and why?

Some notes for clarification:

(a) This can include a current gen incarnation of a character that dates back to previous generations

(b) On the Nintendo side, for convenience, characters from both Wii U and Switch are eligible. Please no debates about whether these systems are current/last/next/8th/9th gen, this isn't the place for that (frankly horrifically played out and pointless) argument.

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Just to get things rolling, Neptune is still my favorite. She likes pudding, being lazy, pudding, and pudding! Funny, both intentionally and by accident. Makes me laugh and feel good. Genuinely. Thanks to Sony's new policies, I'll have to look for her new adventures on Switch and/or PC. Thaaaaaaaks Sony! Really appreciate it.

For a couple of honorable mentions. I liked Aloy from HZD quite a bit too. Agent 47 even though he's unbelievably deadpan.

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Hmm ill probably go with Ori from Ori and the Blind Forest. Cute, daring and original character design that has a good mix of Stitch from Lilo and Stitch and Pikachu from Pokemon. Looking forward to seeing more Ori with the sequel coming.

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Probably someone from Hollow Knight... I think? Um, I don't know, that game's story is beautiful but it's hard to pick a specific standout character between them. The Pale King is probably the most interesting one to me, other than that, the Knight himself (itself?) has a charming personality for such a simple design, I love him... it. Whatever.

...nah, I don't know. Look, hopefully I will get to play Persona 5 this month, so yeah, probably someone from that game.

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Minsc and his miniature giant space hamster Boo.
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EDIT: Oh you said this gen.

Well..., erm..., wait..., *google*, Ha!

His games are coming to Switch, so he totally counts, I think.

OK, this is a bit of cheating, I know. So this gen I probably have to go with either Urbosa:

... or maybe Tressa:

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And the winner is...LINK!

Breath of the Wild, as a game, feels both like a totally new type of game and it also feels like it's heavily inspired by older Zelda games.  The design of Link himself also feels that way.  It's traditional in some ways, while putting a new look on the character (for example a blue tunic instead of the green one).  That vibe for the character fits the vibe of the game, in general, perfectly.  So Link was the first character I thought of.

If you are a looking for a narrative perspective...the only narratives I've liked from this generation are Undertale and Octopath Traveler.  Both games have a lot of characters that I really like, but I think I'd have to choose Sans from Undertale.  He has that good combo of seeming like an utterly useless, jokester character on the surface, but you find out later that he is extremely important to the plot.  Great stuff!

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Tough one. I'll have to think about it. Probably somebody from Valkyria Chronicles 4, though.

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I'm gonna go with Geralt of Rivia.

As for why.....  I had written a fairly long explanation for this.  But, I realized it really just comes down to the fact that the game was all around great, so the player was really able to sink into the character.  By the end, I really felt like I knew Geralt.