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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Digital Foundry: Wolfenstein Youngblood on Xbox & Switch


- Resolution improved over Wolfenstein II, sticks at 720p or close to it more often while docked, no more of those worst-case-scenario drops to 360p that Wolf II had at launch. Around 540p in handheld mode.

- 30fps cap, but drops into the 20s during action sequences.

- Retains most of the effects work of the console versions including volumetric lighting, but this time ambient occlusion is pared back or removed.

Xbox One:

- No word on base Xbone performance annoyingly; the previous game ran at 810p between 50-60fps.

- Xbox One X runs worse than Wolfenstein II did. Resolution ranges between 4K and 1440p, with a fluctuating 50-60fps. Locking at 4k results in an average of around 40fps. Using the "aggressive" dynamic res feature to lock to 1440p doesn't seem to notably improve performance as it does on PS4.

PS4 thread:

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