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Forums - General Discussion - Clown Causes Brawl on Cruiseliner


Are you afraid of clowns

Yes 4 28.57%
No 9 64.29%
I hope not 1 7.14%

Guess they shouldn't have sent in the clown.

I'm not sure if someone's Coulrophobia kicked in to high gear while on a cruise from Southampton, England to Norway, but it was quite the bloody circus aboard the cruiseliner when, on the last leg of the journey, a passenger appeared in clown form.

" 'One witness, part of a group involved in the trouble, explained to staff that things kicked off when another passenger appeared dressed as a clown,' [Richard] Gaisford said.

'This upset one of their party because they'd specifically booked a cruise with no fancy dress. It led to a violent confrontation.'
In the United Kingdom, fancy dress means wearing a costume."
This wardrobe malfunction caused quite the ruckus aboard the ship as "police told ITV that three men and three women were assaulted during the fight and that there were a number of injuries including cuts and bruises."
" 'There was blood everywhere,' Gaisford wrote. 'Passengers used furniture and plates as weapons. Witnesses told me they were so frightened they had to hide as family groups fought,' Gaisford added.'
I can't wait to see more about this story, and especially can't wait for the film version when Samuel L Jackson utters the soon to be popular phrase, "Get this mother****ing Clown of this mother****ing cruise!"
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Ok...I don't know what I'm doing wrong with the formatting of that OP, but it looks terrible. and is difficult to read. My bad.

The legendary Clown of Chaos.

It only involved 6 people... I don’t know why this is getting as much news coverage as it is...

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gergroy said:
It only involved 6 people... I don’t know why this is getting as much news coverage as it is...

First, clowns.  Second, clowns.

Seriously, people have this very weird obsession with clowns.

And thirdly, there was a brawl on a cruise liner.  I don't care if there wasn't a clown, that in and of itself would have gotten press.  Dysentary, salmonella outbreaks, missing persons reports, people recreating scenes from Titanic, those are to be expected.  But a bunch of people acting like complete arseholes (I'm not cursing since I'm American and I don't use that word to curse with) and hitting each other with furniture.  Yeah, run that up the flagpole and shine a light on the guilty idiots.

People who go on cruises are a special kind.

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Thought it was the Joker.

Not sure why clow dressing would be considered fancy.

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No. Only Babyboomers are afraid of clowns. Clowns were my favourite part of the circus.

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