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Forums - General Discussion - Most Anticipated New Release of August


Most Anticipated New Release of August

Age of Wonders: Planetfall 25 2.19%
Astral Chain 566 49.48%
Blair Witch 48 4.20%
Control 176 15.38%
Crystar 5 0.44%
Madden NFL 20 17 1.49%
Oninaki 33 2.88%
Rad 3 0.26%
The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan 66 5.77%
Nothing This Month 205 17.92%

This week's front page poll.

As always, there are lot more than 10 options (the max allowed in polls) for the month, so I have only featured actual new releases (no ports, remasters, re-releases, early access etc.) and even then still had to skip over some titles. Apologies if something you wanted to vote for isn't on the list.

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Blair Witch.

I'm waiting for this game since E3.

Astral Chain by a long shot. I am of the opinion Bayo 2 is the best action game ever created. I am looking forward to Platinum's next.


Control > Man of Medan > Blair Witch > Astral Chain

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There is only one correct answer on that list.

Man of Medan (though in my own thread, it and Blair Witch will be treated as September titles).


Astral Chain. I don't think I've even heard of any of the other games. No wait, I've heard of Madden. But yeah, still Astral Chain.

Nothing for me.

Age of Wonders: Planetfall, I guess. Not anticipating it enough to actually buy it this month though, but it is a game I'll probably buy one day.