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Forums - Sony Discussion - How likely is a PS4 Pro Slim?


When would a PS4 Pro Slim be released?

Late 2019 2 6.45%
Early 2020 1 3.23%
Late 2020 3 9.68%
Early 2021 1 3.23%
Late 2021 1 3.23%
Way too late, 2022+ 1 3.23%
Not at all 22 70.97%

The Super Slim PS3 came out in 2012 to a collective sigh to everyone around me. It had an ugly sliding design and it looked like a cheap, plastic bathroom door; the PS3 slim was already the best version of the console; and its existence was to only serve as a cheap filler until the PS4 came out. 

Generally speaking I was not excited for the Super Slim, but I really like slim consoles. I'm still rocking the PS3 slim, the Xbox One S, and the sexiest PS2 of them all, the silver slim. The GameCube and Wii were already nice and small, and didn't need slim revisions. The Wii U was all right but the gamepad is a fat ugly brick and we don't talk about the Wii U gamepad in my house. 

I bought the PS4 slim over the PS4 pro because of it's size and design mostly. I am the type of person to care more about that than power. BUT - if a PS4 Pro Slim came out I'd ride that baby out of the store quicker than anyone could say "This guy is oddly sexual about video game console designs." 

With the PS5 on its way a PS4 Pro Slim could serve as a cheaper alternative, and I think it is very well plausible that one would come out alongside the release of the PS5. This is also likely is Sony decides to use the PS4 Pro as an "intro" PS5, as they are rumoured to share very similar hardware designs and could run the same games easily. 

So, what's your take? 

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Not gonna happen. PS3 was revised as much as it was because it was poorly designed and incredibly expensive. PS4 doesn’t need the constant remodels because it is already well designed and cheap to make. With ps5 a year out, I don’t think you will see any more ps4’s, and if we do it will be the base model and not the pro as a cheap way of milking the last gen.

An interesting question. I tend to think there will be no Pro slim, with that model seeing nothing more than an eventual, moderate price reduction. And yeah, the PS3 super-slim is gross. Both prior iterations are much nicer. I bought one as a backup, backup, backup, but have yet to use it. I did open it to extract the dual-shock 3 and physical copy of Lego Batman 3 it came with it, but it's still nicely packed away.

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As likely as a slim version of me.

So I guess, give it 2-3 months.

Is your name a homophone for falafel (not sure if homophone is the word I'm looking for)?

Also, I agree that Slim consoles are nice, but preferring them over the powerful variant is something I only agree with maybe when it comes to handhelds and maybe phones, where I've generally opted for the smaller-screened, slimmer version over the beefier model.

But damn, that Slim PS2 is one of the sleekest consoles ever made, and I recall it only being $99. I remember getting it along with Guitar Hero back in the day, as I was a late PS2 adopter.

Edit: I had gotten Guitar Hero along with FF12, and there were so many cheap PS2 games at that point that it wasn't long before I picked up several more.

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I don't see it, but by a twist it could be the end SKU. So most likely after 2020's release of the PS5 there is a super slim (most likely) or a slim pro that sends PS4 into the long night.

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Pointless for them to do it at this point, with it being so close to their next gen console.

I think the PS4 pro will be faded out quickly after PS5 release and won't get further versions. The base PS4 will probably be available for another 4+ years and it might make sense to shrink the APU to 7 or 7+nm to cut down costs.

I hope they have one underway..... a 149$ super slim, would help them keep sales up after PS5 launches.

I don't think it will happen.