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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Astral Chain general overview trailer (8 minutes of footage)

Nintendo has released an eight-minute general overview trailer for Astral Chain, its new action RPG from Platinum Games directed by NieR: Automata game designer Takahisa Taura.

Astral Chain is due out for Switch on August 30.



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Looks interesting, loved Nier Automata so might check it out some point in the future.

I can't see it now as I'm heading to bed but, I honestly kind of wish this game got a direct for exposure instead.

I am so not going to watch this.

Still haven't seen any gameplay for this game, just the first two trailers. My hype has died down a bit, which is good, because I don't wanna head in with crazy expectations, but I know it's gonna be good and I know I'm gonna buy it, so I don't need to see any more of it.

Picked up on some of the mechanical applications will detail them when I'm back from work.

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AngryLittleAlchemist said:
I can't see it now as I'm heading to bed but, I honestly kind of wish this game got a direct for exposure instead.

Wouldn't be surprised if it happenned. Nintendo heavily marketed the game on social media and different gaming events. Another focus with a mini-Direct or section of a usual Direct is the least they could do at this point.

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Few things picked up on in the overview trailer.

Despite the comparisons to Bayo the game's the mechanics seem a lot closer to W101 and MGR, the are some obvious influences from Bayo and Nier Automata
but the prior two seem to have the most influence in mechanics. For example W101 is the only action title where every mechanic and weapon is available to the player in open play and AC seems to follow suit in its interface while direct combat takes W101's collective synergy and assist feature and makes it the more central focus applied to the combat approach that MGR used. Player's multitasking will be key in the game's skill ceiling.

- Legion types have their obvious situational roles but also inherit MGR's focus system of sorts with the sword and arrow legion's unique move have causing bullet time while you line up an attack the sword legion literally has a version of the Zan system from MGR where you lined up and aimed slashes. Interesting note is the focus system in MGR was high priority so cancelled any move or animation you where in when activated even if you just tapped the button so it became a good cancelling tool for high level play which if that made it into AC's system it would already open up a lot of options in play, the remaining 3 legions have peculiar abilities with the arm legion providing a kind of Godhand hand to hand ability plus seems to be effective against shields, beast legion providing a movement option akin to Bayo's panther move and axe providing defensive options.

- The abilities part was what was really new in this trailer as W101 had universal special moves for everyone but they had different properties across each hero the legions seem to have unique special moves altogether these are what you'll spend the game's equivalent of exp on.

- D-pad is used to cycle through weapons (the ones your character uses not the actual Legions) while legions will used the second analogue to switch but clearly with a dedicated button that has to be held.

- The recall like move where the legion pulls you towards them become a key movement option in hectic situations.

- Enemy designs so far seem to meld well with the combat system as they appear to cause hectic situations that allow for diverse use of mechanics.

- Non mechanic observation we know Jena (blonde lady) is a main antagonist the mask character (speculated to be called Raven due having that written on his attire when he slays a giant enemy) posted earlier could possibly be the customary rival you square off with as with most games in the genre.