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All these years of living i did not know this was possible to do your tv.. especially before streaming and cable.. just had to share.

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Lol kids finding out how an aerial works. You might want to use something longer if you don't happen to live near a transmitter.

Wow, that was remarkably simple!

You didn't know that antennas exist?

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vivster said:
You didn't know that antennas exist?


Yeah. But I was somewhat blown away when I found out about this when I was like, 16.

It'd be much more impressive a year or teo ago before I found out micro antennas are available for digital TV. I know one thing, this would not have worked for us growing up. We got it hard enough with a V antenna.

I'm sure people used to use knives and forks for things like this

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BRAH!!! That's really impressive!

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1980. That was the last time I used an antenna with a TV at my parents place. I would be very curious to see what I could pick up with an antenna now. Think I would get anywhere from 1 to 3 channels.

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