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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Duplicate thread. Ignore.

So I thought this should be a thread, instead of a chaotic comment section.

Anyway Xbox hardware has fallen off a cliff. Sure we are getting closer to the end of the generation, but 360 sales didn't drop off a cliff in 2012. Neither did PS3 sales. 

Xbox One is simply dying an early death, that's all. The same thing happened to GameCube, Vita, and Wii U. Sales for all these systems dropped off a cliff long before their replacements came around (Or in the case of the Vita, long before people expect a handheld to last). 

MS just hasn't done anything to make the XB1 appealing. It lacks exclusives compared to its rivals. It lacks games compared to PS4 and PC, thanks to Japanese devs all but ignoring it. 

Anyway, discuss.

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RolStoppable said:

Still on the first page of Hot Topics.

Gah! I gotta change my settings so that sales discussion threads show up in my hot topics, and vgchartzbuddy.