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Forums - Sony Discussion - The remake of Final Fantasy 7 Remake now available in Dreams

And it looks so cool!

Nintendo is selling their IPs to Microsoft and this is true because:

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Dreams, one of my most anticipated games for ps4 ( or ps5?)

That's incredible.

I've been playing Dreams since launch, or early access I guess, and there's already been amazing stuff to begin with but to think we're still in the early days of it (3 months) and there's already stuff like this, just imagine as people continue to get more advanced with the tools.

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Final Fantasy VII Remake Demake.

I would like to try this actually. Very impressive to the person that made it.

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Hiku said:


Well, you know how the internet is and how it gives a platform to every opinion. I wouldn't be surprised if someone pops out and argues that the fact that the characters here look more caricature-like makes this version closer to the original and therefore an improvement over the remake. lol

Nintendo is selling their IPs to Microsoft and this is true because:

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Really nice work here from sosetsuken5360. It is amazing to see how fast people work in Dreams. I will be giving this a try once they give the game a full release.

Sony's Creativity Engine continues to show promise. I really hope they give this the right support and marketing. The potential for this tool on PS4 and even more so on PS5 is incredible

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But Dreams is still not available...

Hiku said:

Final Fantasy VII Dreamake.


Wow that’s pretty cool, I am the kind of guy who hates creating own levels, but I love playing what people do, I wonder if the dreams engine will live forever like the rpgmaker engine.

BraLoD said:
But Dreams is still not available...

It's been in early access for three months now, and it's cheaper to buy it now than wait for the full release lol.