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Platform N. America Europe Japan Global
80,465 74,034 76,109 273,375
41,339 64,774 11,050 141,202
23,613 11,095 107 40,181
8,606 6,159 2,596 18,836
N/A N/A 182 182


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As sales change very high and steady.
But it is still effect of Super Mario Maker 2,
The tags should drop slowly, until the Fire Emblem entry, which should be taken as sales rise again, and this time, earlier than the smallest in SMM2.
I think Switch will sell very well as of Switch Lite by the amount of large quantities of games released in the period.
Highlight for sales in Europe that are being very solid and huge.

Look at them high numbers on all 3 regions for the Switch!

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Switch universally loved.... by everyone.

X1 being outsold 2:1 by the PS4 and nearly 4:1 by the Switch in the US really is the death tolls ringing on that console. Switch consumed nearly a half a million units of the lead that the X1 had over the system this last 2 weeks.

Mario Maker really has pushed the sales into the next gear for Switch I do feel that the system would benefit massively if it had some form of video streaming in the same way that the PS4 and X1 have though, that is a game that people love to watch and share and it would do the Switch so much better if it was possible to do that from within the console.

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Wow, look at those fantastic xbox one sales, impressive........... NOT muwahahahahahahaha.

SMM2 really pushes the baseline up

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LET'S FACE THIS FACT : The Switch is the last physical video game system of the history who has a chance to beat PS2's sales.

PS4 vs XB1 = 3,5 to 1.
NSW vs XB1 = 9 to 1.

Thats abit nutty.

The Xbox has run its course. The PS4 is also on its way out but way less so than the Xbox. The Switch is the Teflon Don. Taking names and not looking back.

Switch is killing it.