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Forums - Sony Discussion - (FFVII Remake) You think Barret's personality & Tifa's body "mild outrage" made headlines? Wait until they show the Cid & Shera relationship...


Do you think they will change Cid's personallity?

They better not 7 36.84%
I bet they will 3 15.79%
They will soften it a little bit 7 36.84%
They will ruin the game if they do 0 0%
Cid's personality doesn't... 2 10.53%

Remember how Cid would be verbally abusive to everyone, especially to Shera and how Shera felt "guilty" and how she felt she owed Cid for what he did for her and stuck around with Cid in spite of how awful Cid talks?

I bet no one will criticize that relationship, right? Like they just criticized Stranger Thing's Hopper/Joyce relationship?

Do you think Square will scrap Cid's personality to avoid possible outrage? How would you feel if they change Cid's personality to something cleaner and more tamed?

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Nintendo is selling their IPs to Microsoft and this is true because:

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They already changed Tifa's body, which is the most integral thing to the game. So I'd be surprised if they didn't also change some of the little things.

If you demand respect or gratitude for your volunteer work, you're doing volunteering wrong.

They have a talking cat/wolf and a small cat riding on a mechanic giant mog. There is enough silliness in FF7 that when we get to see Cid in 7 years, they'll probably removed all that's unique to him. :P

Hmm, pie.


as long as the cast is still likable I don"t see the concern. If I want the old FF7 cast I will just go play FF7.

they'll most likely tone down the abusive attitude a little bit, but the humor will remain intact.

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Cid was something else, lol. I thought Barrett was the rough, aggressive dude in the group but then Cid came and said "hold my beer."

And Cid was mean to EVERYBODY, not just Shera. Yeah they will definitely tone him down, imo.

I started playing FFVII HD on the Switch, just for fun. It has been a few years since I have played. Great game, but yes some of the characters are outdated from a social perspective.

vivster said:

They already changed Tifa's body, which is the most integral thing to the game.

You're a hoot.

The only difference will be the language used.

He's still going to resent her and be a dick to her (and everyone else) until he finds out she was correct and saved his life. To offset his nature, they'll put a bigger focus on his "redemption" and give Shera more to do with the Highwind.


I dont care. The Tiffa and Barret controversies (if you could even call them that, since they were barely an issue) were incredibily stupid. This too would be just as stupid. You have to be very naive/dumb to think Cid is gonna be his exact self from 20 years ago.